Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief 4g 90 Count Review


Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief 4g 90 Count has been tested and guaranteed, ensuring that they are safe from bacteria before leaving their facilities. These supplements contain Bio-Mos to fight viruses and boost the immune system, Apple Cider Vinegar which serves as an antioxidant and antibacterial agent, Wild Salmon Oil to promote healthy skin and coat, and more. 


Meticulously formulated by their scientists, Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief 4g 90 Count uses a unique formula that doesn’t copy the same ingredients that most other supplements always use. Their chews have been carefully crafted by leading pet supplement scientists and provides pets with itch relief. 

Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief 4g 90 Count
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The Good

Our review of the Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief 4g 90 Count put this allergy supplement through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief 4g 90 Count…


No Fillers and Branded Ingredients: 

Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief 4g 90 Count leads with whole meats and veggies instead of rice and oats. They also use inactive ingredients such as salmon, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots on top of their immune boost premium active ingredients. They also use the clinically-proven Bio-Mos, an ingredient that is more effective than basic prebiotic-types found in most other dog supplements. 


Natural Ingredients Only: 

These allergy dog treats are made with some of the most active ingredients you can find. Dog colostrum and quercetin for dogs help with allergic reactions and infections, as well as act as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. Apple Cider Vinegar provides itch relief and Bio-Mos acts as a dog immune booster while it helps to protect the digestive tract. Finally, salmon oil gives the crucial nutrients for supporting healthy skin and coat. 


Relief from Allergies: 

Whether your dog suffers from constant itching, bad allergic reactions, dandruff, or inflammation, Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief can help your fur baby fight off allergies. These chews are made in FDA and GMP approved facilities, so you can be sure that it will deliver your desired results. These allergy supplements provide dogs with a no filler formula that promotes hot spot and itch-free cuddles. 


Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief 4g 90 Count
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The Bad

While Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief provides positive results in many pets, it also comes with a few drawbacks that have been experienced by others. One such example is how a pitbull wasn’t affected by the product and seems to have no effect on it at all. Because of this, the owner returned the product, but we’ll never know if it could’ve improved over time. 


Another problem is that some dogs don’t seem to like it, and how they won’t eat it even if it was hidden among other food. The fur parent has complained that it smelled horrible and therefore it must not taste delicious either. But for one dog that would eat anything and everything, these chewables didn’t pass its standards and did not take part in it at all. 


The Bottom Line

In the end, Pet Parents’ USA Dog Allergy Relief provides consistent allergy relief along with so much more. With benefits far exceeding our expectations, we can only be excited for our fur babies as they get better and better with the help of these tasty chewables. Even with a few incidents producing unwanted results, these supplements are still some of the most effective and affordable in the market. 


Delivering the best ingredients with the most effective nutrients in a small, tasty morsel, Pet Parents USA Dog Allergy Relief gives us more than we bargained for, in a good way! And even though it’s not at the top of the list yet, it still stands a good chance at being our most favorite dog allergy product for this year. Who knows? If they can fix the issues associated with these supplements, they may just be number 1 next year.

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