Petlab Co. Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs Review


Petlab Co.’s Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs treats your pet to the natural benefits of this delicious chew and is scientifically formulated to ease joint pain and protect against further joint damage. These chews will help your fur baby feel more comfortable, more mobile, and live a happier and more active lifestyle. They can do this due to the organic and ethically sourced ingredients which prove to support canine health, promoting strength and flexibility. 

These health care chews are formulated to cushion joints using glucosamine HCL to support healthy joints, by lubricating the joints to ease discomfort in aging dogs. It also uses a powerful blend of ingredients that work together to reduce pain and discomfort, while at the same time it also improves flexibility and strength, allowing your pet to enjoy an active and pain-free lifestyle. 

Petlab Co. Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs
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The Good

Our review of the Petlab Co. Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs put this hip and joint pain relief through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Petlab Co. Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs…


The Best Ingredients For Your Fur Baby:

Petlab Co.’s Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs contains glucosamine, which occurs naturally in the body, working to increase the amount of cartilage and fluid in the joints to prevent pain and stiffness. It also uses green-lipped mussels which are proven to promote joint mobility and healthy tissues, thanks to its height level of amino acids. Salmon oil is also present in this formula to reduce the intensity of joint symptoms such as tenderness, stiffness, and swelling. Since it is full of Omega-3 fatty acids, it can also increase the blood flow throughout the body, reducing inflammation and pain. 


More Benefits For Your Canine: 

These health care chews also contain turmeric curcumin is a natural and potent, anti-inflammatory which promotes pain relief in damaged joints as well as mobility, it also serves to prevent further joint inflammation and helps to produce healthy cartilage. Petlab Co. Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs also use calcium fructoborate to eliminate joint pain and to increase the range of motion in existing joint degeneration. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed: 

These Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every purchase you make from Pet Lab. And if you’re not entirely happy with their product, they offer to refund your money in full or to exchange the goods for a new one. Just contact their customer service to arrange a return or refund.


Petlab Co. Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs
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The Bad

The Petlab Co. Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs does produce excellent results but also misses the mark to satisfy every expectation. Many would assume that this treatment is safe for all dogs to take; however, for older dogs, this product has been known to make their conditions worse. People have complained that after using about half the tub, they found that their older dog’s stiffness has worsened, and has forced them to switch to another product recommended by the vet. 


Other flaws of this product aren’t as severe but equally disappointing since the treat did absolutely nothing to improve the health of our 10-year-old golden retriever. After following the instructions to give her a pill every day until they were finished, we haven’t observed any improvements, except for the fact that she loved the taste. However, her knee pain stayed the same. 

The Bottom Line

Petlab Co.’s Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs is suitable for use with many dogs, but not all, since they don’t all react to it in the same way, nor does it benefit them all. That said, when it does help, it does wonders and greatly improved the quality of life for many dogs, notably providing better joint care, reducing inflammation, and easing tenderness, swelling, and stiffness. Because of these benefits, these health care chews present more positive results rather than negative ones. 


Just because I didn’t see any personal improvements on my pet, doesn’t mean that these chews are a failure. Perhaps, if they improve on their formulation, Petlab Co. Joint Health Care Chews for Dogs will be able to help even dogs that are much older with more severe pains. In the end, this product is both effective (for the most part) and affordable for all pet parents to get the most effective treatment for improving their fur babies’ lives. 

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