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Ship a Car Direct is well-known in the auto transport industry because of its honest and friendly service. Prices are always on-point, you get more than what you pay for as their focus in giving you the best shipment experience they possibly can.

To prove their point, they made sure that every shipping is equipped with a $500 just to give you a boost of insurance.  They don’t only make sure you’re in the right carrier, but their team is determined to have your mind at ease about auto transportation.

They provide both open and enclose auto transportation, and can take on any size without any problem. Ship a Car Direct sets a straightforward with their customers.


Ship a Car Direct is confident that they can find a suitable carrier that fits your needs within your designated budget. Their confidence comes from the fact they’ve reviewed and screened every carrier in the state – yup, more than 7,500 companies.

Out of the 100%, they only keep the 20% that matches their elite standards. Their hands-on team of professionals does the weeding for their clients, so their customers don’t have to worry about working with a low-standard transport.

Another thing about Ship a Car Direct that makes them so good at what they do is their useful add-ons. They provide free user videos along with e-mail series to their customers.

This keeps you alert with the whereabouts and status of your shipment. Their team guides you every step of the way, and you’ll be taught on how to avoid them altogether.


Car Direct likes to keep things clear, which means they don’t have the terminal to terminal process. Working with them entails you’ll have ONE carrier assigned to pick up your vehicle in its current location, and delivers directly to you with the guarantee of a damage-free shipment.

In the time where incidents occur, Ship a Car Direct makes sure you’re covered by the carrier’s insurance. When the worst scenario happens, and they don’t have an insurance, Ship a Car Direct will pay you through their Damage Free Guarantee program.

For any questions, they have uploaded a number of videos to help you clear things up. But you may call one of their company representatives as well.


Ship a Car Direct does not accept upfront payments, which strengthens the bond between company and client. You only pay them once they have performed their service. In other words, when they’ve already released the carrier’s information.


Ship a Car Direct offers both enclosed and open mode of transport. If you’re looking for a cheaper one, you may go for open shipment. However, if you’re planning to ship a classic vehicle or an expensive one, then an enclosed transport suit you better.

For cross country shipments, your car will be on an eight to ten carrier. On the other hand, smaller two to three carriers are intended for the more localized transports.

Ship a Car Direct
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The Good
  • Open & Enclosed Services
  • Damage-Free Guarantee
  • On-Time Pick-up Service
Ship a Car Direct
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The Bad
  • Slow response time
The Bottom Line

Ship a Car Direct makes it easy for clients to choose ac carrier that fits their needs, whether it may be in terms of price, service, and route. While they do have a slow response from time to time, they do provide guided user videos on their website, which they’ve covered flawlessly from base to base.

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