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2-factor authentication and anti-keylogging technology. Easy setup and use. Free Android and iOS app downloads.

Secure password storage for PCs. Anti-keylogging and 2-factor authentication. Easy setup and simple user interface. Available on Android and iOS mobile devices.


Steganos comes from the word steganography, meaning the science of hiding secrets. In fact, it’s even deeper than that. It literally means hiding the fact that you have secrets at all. This Munich-based privacy software company is backed by the Microsoft Partner Program, meaning they constantly release new updates that are compatible with the latest version of Windows.

Steganos Password Manager offers only the best of essential online security features at an affordable price. Leaving out the frills, Steganos provides the most crucial options to give you the online security you need without all the fuss and muss of other password management options on the market.

Provided Protection

Steganos Password Manager has a variety of ways to protect your personal information online. You’ll be able to keep your sensitive data safe from hackers and still have easy access to it when needed. The following are some of our favorite Steganos Password Manager features.

2-Factor Authentication: Steganos recently released their 2-factor authentication feature, making your data even more secure. The more layers of security you can implement, the better you can hide your secrets. That means having to verify your identity twice will keep your information private.

Password Generator: Your passwords are like your house keys. You would never give them to a stranger. The quality of these passwords is critical for your online security. Trying to come up with unique and unhackable passwords for each of your online accounts would be tedious, and it would be impossible to memorize them all. That’s where the Steganos password generator comes in to lend a hand by creating and securing passwords for all of your online accounts.

Anti-Keylogging: With a virtual keyboard, Steganos Password Manager makes it impossible for anyone to record your keystrokes. If you accidentally download a file containing a keylogger, the virtual keyboard will hide your keystrokes, so no one can record your online activity.

Portable USB Version: Steganos Password Manager comes with a portable USB version. You can save all of your information onto a flash drive, memory card, or external hard drive and take it anywhere. It will work on any PC, meaning you don’t have a pay for another licensing fee just because you want to go on vacation.

Pricing Plans

Steganos Password Manager offers a variety of password management pricing plans. To help you decide if it’s the right password manager for you, Steganos Password Manager offers a 30-day free trial.

Free Plan: This plan contains all features in the Steganos Password Manager suite, including autofill capability, browser extension, password generator, AES-256-bit encryption, 2-factor authentication, anti-keylogging, a portable USB version, and character randomizer. It’s free and includes one PC license.

Multiple Devices: This plan contains all features of the Free Plan for up to 5 PCs. It costs a one-time fee of $24.95.

Licensing Upgrades: If Steganos updates the Password Manager and releases a new version (they’re currently on version 20), you can pay a one-time fee of $14.95 to upgrade your license.

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The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put Steganos Password Manager through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your own time or money. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Steganos Password Manager service benefits…

Premium Online Safety

Steganos Password Manager 20 uses a variety of safety features to keep your information secure as you surf the Web. The password generator helps you create and store secure passwords so that no one can guess what they are. With 256-bit encryption, 2-factor authentication, and anti-keylogging capabilities, you will be the only person who can access your information.

Easy to Use

With a desktop app and a browser extension, you have easy access to all of your stored information. You can autofill familiar websites and never remember another password. The password generator makes it easy to create and store secure passwords, and the portable version allows you to take them anywhere.

Smartphone Access

Download the Android or iOS app and use Steganos Password Manager while on the go. You can access your information from anywhere using your phone and you don’t need to take the portable version every time you leave the house.

Fast Setup and Multiple Keychains

Using the password import feature you can set up your account at the click of a button. Steganos Password Manager will read all of your saved passwords in Google Chrome and store them automatically in your keychain. With multiple keychains, you can allow multiple users to set up their own accounts on the same PC, giving everyone in the family access to their own password manager.

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The Bad

Steganos Password Manager is not available for MacOS at this time. This could pose a problem for Mac users. However, they have a PC version and downloads for both Android and iOS, do Apple users can still use Steganos Password Manager on their smartphone.

With Steganos Password Manager, you have to pay for updates. If you pay for 5 licenses and then Steganos releases an update, you have to pay again. However, it’s a one-time fee and it’s cheaper than buying new licenses. Also, because of the frequency of Steganos software updates, paying a one-time fee is still cheaper than paying the yearly fee for other password managers.

The Bottom Line

Steganos Password Manager is one of the cheapest password managers on the market. They only charge a one-time fee instead of a yearly one. While it’s not as feature-rich as some others, it’s a great value for the price, giving you access to the online security that you need.

This password manager solution gives you access to the most important safety features of a password manager without some of the confusing or overwhelming extras. It’s just the right price and provides you with everything you need.

Try Steganos on your PC today and get the perfect password management for your needs!

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