The iPhone is regarded to be the best due to its convenience, design, and functionality. However, it has one major fallback: Fragility.

Luckily, iPhones have a huge market of protective cases to cater to its user’s needs.

With state-of-the-art facilities and materials, these phone case companies are creating gears that boast military-grade protective features.

To prove that to you, we have listed the top 10 iPhone cases for ultimate protection.


A Unicorn and a Beetle in one? And it’s an iPhone case? Yup, that’s Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle for you! It comes in strong with a rugged case at an affordable price range.

Supcase is the perfect combination of a hard polycarbonate and shock-absorbent TPU, making sure that your iPhone is secured and safe from harmful elements. This includes the chances of accidental drops.

The main case comes in with a built-in screen protector and ports covers. It ensures every corner of your smartphone is resilient from wear and tear of your daily use.

It also comes with a rotating belt clip and a holster for your phone’s easy access or easy draw.


Speck is coming in strong with its rugged grip case that can withstand drops from 10 ft., making it one of the crowd’s favorite case.

Its dual-layer design of polycarbonate using ridges and linings compresses, making it effective in absorbing and dispersing shocks. Scratches are reduced by its matte finish design.

An added bonus, the edges are designed with rubber ridges to provide additional grip. A raised bezel keeps your screen scratch and damage-free when your phone is faced down.



Spigen has a classic dual-layer hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU case with a 4 ft. solid drop protection, the Tough Armor Case is as impressive as it gets.

It is designed with air pockets inside to help distribute the shock from an impact. It’s also equipped with button covers, accurate port openings, and a kick out stand that comes very handy.

However, Spigen doesn’t come with a screen protector and its lip is only slightly raised. Adding a screen protector is a great to help for your phone’s security.



The Catalyst Impact case protects your phone with style. It comes with a clear black case that to show off your phone’s design.

The front and the back is equipped with a thick bumper with an astonishing 9.9 ft. drop protection that effectively safeguards your phone.

It also has cutouts accurately done, a mute button dial and textured covers for the buttons. This gives you different color combos with a lanyard strap for a more personalized feel.


Pelican is a popular brand of protective cases for phones. It offers tough phone cases, garnering the nickname Shield.

With an impressive 5 layer protection. The Shield even includes Kevlar fibers (yes, the material used for bulletproof vests) which results in a case that withstands multiple falls from a maximum height of 24 ft. it even exceeds multiple military standards.

Constructed with a latch design that holds the pieces in multiple places to keep your phone perfectly secured. Switches and ports are covered to keep dirt out.

You may find the case bulkier than usual, but with protection like that, it’s totally reasonable.



Otterbox is considered by most as the king of rugged protection for iPhones. The Defender series is the toughest case they offer in the market today.

It boasts a layered design made with durable silicone slipcover, surrounded by a polycarbonate shell for added toughness.

The Defender Series comes with a built-in screen protector to keep dirt out of the ports, and a holster with a belt clip for easy draw. The button cover’s texture is well-defined, which makes it easier to locate and press.



UAG cases look like something out of a sci-fi movie. You can tell just by looking at it because of its tough appearance.

Rubber enhancements are placed in the corners to absorb the maximum amount of shock. It also has rubber feet to prevent your phone from slippage. Buttons are oversized for easy location and access even with grimy hands.

It’s tested to pass military standard, this Gear Monarch case can be dropped at 4 ft. for 26 times without deforming or damaging it all.



Incipio is another well-known brand because of its craft. It delivers scratch-free to shockproof cases in a neatly designed package. The Reprieve sport case is Incipio’s most protective case to date.

It comes in with a clear, scratch-resistant, polycarbonate outer shell to show off your iPhone’s sleek build. What’s more, the makers ensured flexibility on the corners of the frame for ease of use.

With a 12 ft. drop guarantee from its corners, it saves your phone from its accidental falls. Conveniently access the phone’s buttons, ports, and cameras with this bad boy.



Griffin focuses on outdoor adventure application to keep your phones safe and found.

The Survivor Extreme Case has been tested up to a 10 ft. drop guarantee onto concrete, its design cushions your smartphone from the inside.

It also seals your phone from all over and it has been rated with a score of IP55 which means that mud, rain, dust, and all the other elements have no chance of penetrating your phone.

The buttons and ports are covered by a protective layer. It also uses a special membrane technology to cover the cameras and speakers without making a muffling effect on the sound.

It comes with a clip that hooks to anything such as belts, bags, and other things. The clip can also act as a phone stand for convenience.



Rhinoshield comes with a shell design molded in a tight fit, making it look visually appealing to the eyes of onlookers.

The frame extends from all over, back to front to offer you an 11 ft. drop guarantee. It’s equipped with an easy to grip, smooth bumper.

As an additional bonus, it delivers a customizable back. You’re free to choose from different finishes, such as leather, carbon fiber, wood, and microfiber.

Case removal may take some time; however, it’s totally worth the price. Rhinoshield’s protective case doesn’t disappoint.