Best VPN Service - Updated July 2024

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) keep internet activity private by encrypting all communication between your computer and web servers. While VPN technology is actually very old, the best VPN providers on our list have added in many additional features and tools to keep you safe and secure easily.



Excellent online security and privacy. 256-bit data encryption and IP address masking. No traffic logging. Available on any computer or mobile device type.


CyberGhost VPN

Secure VPN servers in over 60 countries. Private web browsing with 256-bit AES data encryption technology. Unlimited bandwidth with no throttling.


Hotspot Shield VPN

Super-fast secure web browsing via specialized VPN servers. Simple and sleek user interface. Quick one-click connection for any device type.

Best VPN Providers Featured in This Roundup:

List of the Best VPN Providers

1. ExpressVPN

Our Editor's Choice for best VPN service. Many features focused on speed, privacy, and a special offer make this a fantastic choice for a VPN.
  • Built-in speed testing and IP address masking
  • Best-in-class security and encryption
  • Apps for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android
  • 24/7 support via live chat or email
  • Full 30 day satisfaction guarantee
Product Highlights
  • 256-bit data encryption and IP address masking
  • Available on any computer or mobile device type
  • Apps for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android
  • Speed testing and IP address masking
  • 24/7 support via live chat or email
  • Full 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • No phone tech support offered
  • Only works with up to 3 devices
Bottom Line

Even with a month-to-month subscription fee that’s on the high side, we couldn’t help but be impressed by ExpressVPN and the online privacy and security they provide to their users. Plus, we were blown away by their world-class data encryption and customer support.

If you’re like most of us and only have a few devices in your household, you can’t go wrong by securing them with ExpressVPN. You’ll get excellent personal security, no matter whether you have Windows, Apple, or Android devices, not to mention the confidence that comes with knowing you’re using the same 256-bit data encryption that’s trusted by top security experts.

What’s our verdict? Try ExpressVPN risk-free for a month and browse safer than ever before!

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2. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost offers generous device allowances, good protection, and some unique features.
  • Ad-blocker and Malware Blocker included
  • Auto Kill Switch and unimited bandwidth
  • AES-256 bit encryption
Product Highlights
  • Secure VPN servers in over 60 countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth with no throttling
  • AES-256 encryption and 24-hour free trial
  • Ad Blocker and Malware Blocker included
  • Auto Kill Switch and unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 support and a full 45-day guarantee
  • Connection time can be a bit slower than other providers
  • Ad-blocking feature doesn't work on HTTPS websites
Bottom Line

Although we found the ad-blocking feature to be a bit less robust than promised, CyberGhost VPN gives you a great deal on private and secure web browsing with very reasonable pricing for a virtual private network plan that covers up to 7 of your devices for one low subscription fee.

If you want to unblock geo-restricted online content and you’ve got multiple devices in your household, we highly recommend giving CyberGhost VPN, especially if you want to be able to try a VPN service before forking over any cash. And who doesn’t, right?

Surf and shop in total privacy with a free 24-hour CyberGhost VPN trial on up to 7 devices.

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3. Hotspot Shield VPN

Fast speeds, proprietary compression technology, and great support options make this a great VPN for all types of users.
  • Fast VPN with exclusive Hydra Technology
  • Easy Installation setup featuring 1-Click Installation
  • Over 2,500 secure VPN servers in 25 Countries
Product Highlights
  • Our Editor's Choice for VPN providers
  • Expert support and great browsing speeds
  • Fastest VPN with Hydra technology
  • More than 2,500 VPN servers in 25 countries worldwide
  • Built in malware, spam, and phishing protection
  • Chrome and Firefox Extensions
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Full money-back guarantee for 45 days
  • More than 2,500 VPN servers in 25 countries worldwide
  • Apps for Apple, Windows, and Android
  • 24/7 tech support via live chat or email
  • Slightly unclear anti-logging policy
  • Complicated support tickets
Bottom Line

When testing Hotspot Shield, we were a bit disappointed in their lack of a clear anti-logging policy, but we couldn’t help but be impressed by the speedy server connections and user-friendly dashboard of this VPN service.

If you’re looking for a VPN service that’s simple to install and use, we recommend giving Hotspot Shield a try for a month, even though their month-to-month subscription fee is a bit higher than other VPN providers.

Get super-fast secure web browsing with Hotspot Shield VPN and try it risk-free for 45 days!

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4. NordVPN

Great value for those with multiple devices. Advanced protection, with great customer support.
  • Military-grade 256-bit data encryption to keep you secure
  • Advanced DNS Leak protection to keep you anonymous
  • Watch Netflix torrent from anywhere easily
Product Highlights
  • Great value for those with multiple devices
  • Military-grade 256-bit data encryption
  • Apps for Macs, PCs, iOS, and Android
  • Compatible with Netflix and torrenting
  • 24/7 support via live chat or email
  • Full 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Connection times can be slower than others
  • Some reported slow refund turnaround times
Bottom Line

Although NordVPN didn’t perform as well in speed tests as other VPN services did, we found their reasonable pricing and easy-to-use apps super-refreshing in the world of virtual private networks, where you typically encounter hidden price changes and overly complicated interfaces.

If you’re looking for low-cost and simple secure browsing, you should absolutely check out NordVPN. We recommend trying the service for a month, giving it a good test drive as you surf and shop online, and then going with the 3-year pricing plan for your best value.

Try NordVPN today and browse securely on any device risk-free for a full month!

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5. SurfShark VPN

Smaller brand with great pricing and unlimited devices. Perfect for larger households.
  • No free trial but has 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Simple and sleek software that's easy to use
Product Highlights
  • Coverage for an unlimited number of devices
  • Quick and easy setup with a sleek user interface
  • More than 500 secure global servers
  • Apps for Windows, Apple, and Android
  • 24/7 support via live chat and email
  • Full 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Doesn't offer a free trial period
  • Not as well known in the industry
Bottom Line

Surfshark offers a wide range of features, including unlimited device coverage, unrestricted browsing, and fast speeds. While they don’t offer a free trial and aren’t as popular or well-known as others, they more than make up for that in usability, customer support, and confidence in their abilities.

Surfshark VPN impressed us with their robust internal operations and dedication to the latest advancements in cybersecurity technology. This VPN service keeps you and your family safe from hackers, while also making it easy to access a truly open and uncensored Internet experience.

Try Surfshark VPN risk-free for 30 days and get the private, secure web browsing you want!

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6. VyprVPN

Provides unique in-house technology for more secure browsing. Limited to 3 devices
  • 700+ worldwide VPN server connections
  • Apps for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
Product Highlights
  • 256-bit data encryption and added NAT Firewall
  • Automatic server switching and no data caps
  • Apps for PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android
  • 700+ worldwide server connections
  • Unblocks video streaming with Netflix
  • 3-day free trial and 24/7 chat support
  • Some report server connection issues
  • Support team can be a bit slow to respond
Bottom Line

VyprVPN really impressed us with the added security of their NAT firewall and the speedy performance of their Chameleon VPN technology. Although there were a couple of issues with getting in touch with a support agent via live chat and a few servers not performing up to snuff, we were very happy with VyprVPN overall and highly recommend giving the service a try.

From Netflix unblocking to unlimited secure streaming, we found VyprVPN has a ton to offer users that want a private and secure way to access the Internet. If you want to enjoy truly open and uncensored web browsing, you should absolutely take VyprVPN for your own test drive.

Looking for fast and private web browsing? Try VyprVPN free for 3 days on any device.

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7. IPVanish VPN

Good software but we had issues connecting to Netflix. Limited customer support.
  • 1,000+ VPN servers available
  • Anti-logging privacy policy for increased security
Product Highlights
  • Fast streaming on over 1,000 secure servers
  • Full privacy with a strict anti-logging policy
  • Top-tier data encryption to bypass censorship
  • Intuitive applications to prevent security threats
  • Unrestricted support for streaming and torrenting
  • In-depth FAQs section and tech support by phone
  • Some had difficulty with streaming Netflix
  • Customer support isn't available 24-hours
Bottom Line

IPVanish has a host of features to offer, like speedy streaming, a strict anti-logging privacy policy, top-tier encryption, and support for torrenting. While you may find the lack of 24/7 customer support irritating, their VPN services are some of the best out there.

IPVanish can offer precisely what you need when it comes to private Internet browsing and protection. With over 1,000 secure servers in more than 60 countries, you’ll have access to the safe and anonymous browsing you need at an affordable cost.

Put IPVanish’s 7-day guarantee to the test and get the private browsing experience you want!

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8. HideMyAss VPN

Kooky name now owned by a popular antivirus software group. Very popular brand.
  • Multiple apps for different devices
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
Product Highlights
  • Dedicated global VPN servers in over 200 countries
  • IP masking for total online security and privacy
  • Access to geo-restricted websites
  • Easy-to-use apps for any device type
  • 24/7 expert customer support team
  • Full money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Offers fewer security protocols than others
  • Doesn't have a specific anti-logging policy
Bottom Line

Even though HideMyAss doesn’t have the protocol list that other VPNs offer, it’s still a solid service that will protect your information while you’re online. It offers plenty of features, is easy to use, and offers great support 24-hours a day. With HideMyAss, you’ll get a wide range of features and benefits that keep your browsing habits private and your info secure.

HideMyAss VPN provides users protection whether they’re using their home PC, a Mac in the office or a smartphone when away on business. You know that your data is private and secure when you use HideMyAss for your VPN needs. Even if you’re using a public hotspot or unsecured network, HideMyAss will provide a safe and anonymous browsing experience.

So, what’s our recommendation? Give HideMyAss VPN a try risk-free for a full 30 days today!

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9. StrongVPN

One of the most generous device policies, but has lackluster support
  • Connect up to 12 devices at once
  • Multiple VPN protocols available to use
Product Highlights
  • Connect up to 12 devices at once
  • Multiple VPN protocols available to use
  • Zero-logging strong encryption
  • More than 600 dedicated servers
  • 24/7 tech support via live chat
  • Email support can be complicated
  • Servers not available in every country
Bottom Line

When using StrongVPN, you won’t have access to as many servers in as many countries as some of the larger VPN companies. You will, however, get great service with a VPN that allows you to navigate the Internet anonymously without any fear of censorship, throttling, or spying.

StrongVPN is a solid VPN service that is easy to use and install. No matter where in the world you need to access the Internet, you can do so with one of StrongVPN’s 660 servers. Try StrongVPN for a month to find out just what we’re talking about when we say it’s a great VPN option.

Download StrongVPN on any device and try it risk-free for a full month of secure surfing!

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Welcome to Our List of the Best VPN Providers of 2019

Virtual private networks (VPNs) were designed to give you total privacy and security while you’re online. This is done by providing you with an encrypted connection and anonymous IP address when you surf the Web. All you have to do is download one of the top VPNs on your computer or mobile device, choose a secure server location, and open your favorite browser. Nothing that you do online will be able to be seen by prying eyes of any kind when you’re using a VPN.

Choosing a VPN that gives you the speed and security you want online can seem like a difficult task. That’s why we created our list of trusted VPN providers and in-depth VPN reviews. You’ll be able to see which Virtual Private Networks will keep your browsing activity private and anonymous. And which of the top-rated VPN services will let you log onto the Internet without slowing you down. You’ll also learn which VPN providers are available for all of your devices and which have the best pricing plans.

How We Chose VPN Providers for Our Recommended List

1) Cost and Features

The best VPNs offer reliable connections and speedy performance. Our VPN reviews give you all the details you need on how to choose a VPN and which companies offer the greatest features and prices. Every VPN provider on our recommended list has been extensively researched to make sure you’re getting the speed, security, and value you want in a Virtual Private Network.

2) Industry Reputation

Our list of recommended providers is full of companies that have a stellar reputation in the VPN industry. We’ve only included VPN services that have a history of providing top-of-the-line digital security and getting awesome customer reviews. You’ll be able to choose the perfect VPN for your needs while resting easy in knowing you’ll be working with only the best companies available.

3) Security and Privacy

Chances are you want to use a VPN because you’re concerned about your online security and privacy. We’ve gathered up a list of the VPN providers that offer you multiple secure server locations and anonymous IP addresses. These features will help you stay safe online and you’ll get the confidence of connecting to the Internet with military-grade data encryption when you sign up for one of the VPNs on our list of recommended providers.

4) Anti-Logging Policy

The best Virtual Private Networks believe in a truly open and anonymous online experience, which is why they provide their users with strict anti-logging policies. After all, one of the reasons you connect to the Internet with a VPN is to avoid your browsing activity being seen by hackers or your ISP, so why would you want to work with a VPN provider that’s recording your private data, right?

5) Technical Support

Even the best VPN service can have technical issues or drop a secure connection at times. That’s why we recommend choosing a Virtual Private Network provider that comes complete with reliable technical support. Our VPN reviews will tell you which VPN providers have the best customer service and also let you know how you can reach each company for help, whether it’s by phone, email, or live chat via.

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Did you know?

VPN Providers

VPN’s have been around for about as long as the internet has existed, but only recently have they become commonplace for consumers. The benefits of using a VPN are countless and recommended for everyone who uses the internet in any capacity.

Some modern routers come with built in support to handle VPN connections, which means you can protect your entire household for the price of one device – allowing you to install and connect to a VPN on your cellphone, tablet, and more.