To put it simply, it’s one of the types of cargo broker specializing in car shipment and transportation. In the U.S., cars are trucks are usually the ones shipped by brokers. However, an auto transport broker may also transport boats, motorcycles, and RVs.

Why is an auto transport broker often mistaken by an auto transport carrier? Read to find out!

Auto Transport Broker

This type of broker doesn’t have transport carriers. Also, these companies don’t transport vehicles, too. Instead, they act as a medium between an auto transportation company and to clients. It ensures the customer’s specific requests can be fulfilled by the carriers.

Brokers, in a sense, can be called as non-asset based carriers. In other words, they’re only third-party logistics providers.

What makes an auto transport broker better than working with an actual carrier is its wide network. They give options. It lets you choose to work with a company that fits your needs the most.

Working with a transport carrier may lead to frustration. The company may not have the needed equipment to cater to your requests. Or in some cases, doesn’t have the necessary license to transport your vehicle.

Brokers do the leg work for you, so all you have to do is wait for the best match. In the best-case scenario, they give competitive rates.

While it’s true that using a medium makes a hands-free experience for you, it does have its own drawbacks. Since auto-transport is a multi-million dollar business, there are sham websites on the internet.

There are multiple complaints about online unethical practices in the Auto Transport industry. People are advised to thoroughly research on website reviews and legitimacy before subscribing to their service.

Auto Transport Carrier

An Auto Transport Carrier does the transportation for you, it owns the trucks and pays the movers for labor. In other words, it kills the doubt of the legitimacy concern as it eliminates the middle man out of the picture.

You still have to do your homework, though. There are some companies that lack license and legalities, it differs from one to state to another.

An auto transport carrier limits your options, such as availability, method, and time. Also, there’s a possibility you may have to pay more as there’s no competition between other carriers.

The Best of Both Worlds

In some rare cases, transport companies may be both brokers and carriers. Meaning, they have their own trucks for transportation and deals between carriers and customers.

In order to make sure you’re in safe hands, you can check out Protect Your Move to check out legitimacy.

You’ll be able to see if your broker/carrier is the real deal, it’s from the FMCSA itself (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Search auto transport companies by their state, license number, and DT number. Identify if whether they’re exclusively a broker, a carrier, or offers both. Companies in compliance with the regulations have an active status on their record.