Espresso delivers a rich coffee flavor. You can make a variety of coffee drinks by using espresso as its base. Espresso can be found in everything from the classic latte, to the ever-popular cappuccino – it’s in every drink you could see from your local coffee shop menu!

What Is Espresso, Really?

Espresso delivers a full-flavored coffee experience with concentrated coffee in shots. Its high concentration is made possible by using boiling pressurized water through finely crushed coffee. Baristas call this process as pulling a shot.

Compared to other coffees, this one has crema. It shows when air bubbles and soluble oils come into the mix of a finely grounded coffee. You’ll notice this is of reddish-brown color.

The crema gives more oomph to the drink, it enhances flavor, and boosts the espresso’s aroma. Baristas often use crema as a signal of a properly made espresso with high-quality coffee, made from the hands of an experienced barista.

Quick extraction makes the drink fuller in flavor with a long aftertaste, and it has lesser caffeine content compared to drip coffee.

One shot of espresso only gives you sixty milligrams, which is a safe number as it only has about ¼ of our body’s recommended consumption.

Coffee Versus Espresso 

Espresso IS coffee, no arguments there. Coffee is the liquid the bean’s extraction, and not exactly the preparation. You’re able to get quality espresso shot through using a particular preparation of either Robusta/Arabica beans.

There’s a handful of ways where you can prepare coffee, such as the classic French Press and Pour Over Coffee. In other words, not every coffee can be considered as espresso, but every espresso can be considered coffee.

The line standing in between Coffee and Espresso is its preparation. Usually, brewing takes time as it relies on the slow filtration of boiling water through coffee grounds. It means it’s going to take several minutes before you can get your hands on a cup of Joe.

Espresso machines, however, only take as little as 30 seconds to get your shot delivered to you. It uses pressurized, hot water to shoot through your coffee beans. Its preparation method gives you an aromatic, concentrated shot of coffee.

What Are The Types Of Espresso Shots?

As time goes on, the popularity of Espresso has only gone higher. Aside from the usual espresso shot, baristas all over the globe have gotten creative and developed other ways you can enjoy your shot of espresso.

Here are the different types of espresso shots:

  • Two shots of espresso, this usually has 60 ml (2 ounces) of espresso in one glass.
  • A shot of espresso that weighs under an ounce.
  • Two shots like the doppio; however, this one has more concentration.
  • Two ounces of espresso, but comes with a touch of foamed milk.
  • Café Noisette. Two shots of espresso with 30 ml of steamed milk.

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