A VPN is known as a Virtual Private Network. It’s a network where users can anonymously access websites and other types of Internet content. With a VPN, you can anonymously browse the Internet without worrying about hackers or online spies.

Each user has an IP address assigned to them on their computer and other mobile devices. This Internet Protocol (IP) address provides all the information about you, including your geographic location and browsing history.

A VPN allows you to hide this information, so you can browse the Internet safely and securely. The traffic that travels between your computer and the Internet is encrypted for your added privacy and security.

Considering getting a VPN? Here are 7 good reasons for using a VPN. Then, read on to find out what is the best free VPN of 2019.

1. Online Privacy

One of the biggest reasons why people use a VPN is because of the added privacy it provides. Your IP address is not revealed to the Internet, only the VPN’s IP that’s assigned to you.

That means websites and streaming services will only use the VPN’s IP address and not yours. However, your IP address may leak through other sources. It could leak if it’s enabled via the application you’re using and the services you’re connecting to.

The IP address could even reveal more information about you and your whereabouts. Someone could find out your native language, geographical location, and Internet provider.

There are some who use IP addresses to find out the name and address of that person. This information could be used for malicious reasons or to provide evidence in court.

2. Online Security

Since a VPN encrypts the traffic coming from your computer to the VPN provider, it adds a higher level of security. This is ideal when you want to eliminate eavesdropping when you’re using a wireless network or Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to the Internet.

Since this traffic is protected, it prevents other users from accessing this network. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) won’t hack into the network to find out your Internet habits.

3. Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Since the Internet is on a global level, certain services aren’t provided to those who use it. This is especially the case when streaming content on YouTube, or using streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix.

Certain types of content are available to users in certain locations of the world. For example, you may receive a notification that this type of content is not available to you in Germany or Japan.

This is especially the case if you reside in a country where a service or type of content isn’t offered. This rule applies for certain online shopping sites and other Internet services.

A VPN provides different exit nodes for different countries across the globe. Once you choose from the list of nodes, you can receive content from a country supported by that service.

4. Bypassing Internet Censorship

VPNs can help bypass ISP censorship. Thanks to Net Neutrality, certain Internet Service Providers may censor certain types of traffic or Internet services. Censorship also means blocking certain resources by the state or federal government, a type of practice that has become common in certain countries.

A VPN can help in this case by allowing access to blocked websites and services. It can also prevent Internet throttling and shaping. None of these restrictions apply when you’re connected to a VPN.

5. P2P/File Downloads

There has been an increase in VPN use since they support file downloads and P2P. Since it’s not illegal to download or use P2P in some countries, there is little that can be done to these users.

There are VPN providers that have servers in certain countries that allow P2P use, which you can connect to download files. Since anonymity is the main reason for using a VPN, it bypasses the ISP throttling for the use of these Internet activities.

6. Data Transfer & Video Streaming

A VPN allows you to share personal data or private files, safely and anonymously. That means no one on the other end can observe your Internet habits and you can share your personal data as you like.

Another benefit to a VPN is that it provides access to private streaming. There are plenty of regions around the world that restrict content and impose on free speech.

7. Cryptocurrency & Gambling

While cryptocurrency is gaining momentum, it’s still not allowed in most parts of the world. It’s considered illegal in many countries.

There are some countries who have even blocked the use of online gambling. You can gain access to these websites with a VPN. It allows you to transfer cryptocurrency so you can participate in the online gambling community.

What Is the Best Free VPN?

Since you know the benefits of using a VPN, you must be wondering what is the best free VPN? That honor goes to Hotspot Shield Free.

This VPN is produced by AnchorFree, which is a team of cybersecurity professionals who want to make the Internet an accessible and safe place to enjoy. The reason why they created Hotspot Shield is that they feel everybody should surf the Internet as they would enjoy their homes.

HotSpot Shield is one of the best free VPN that’s used by millions of people around the world. It provides you immediate access to a safer, secure, and private Internet browsing experience.

It uses military-grade data encryption to keep all of your personal information safe from your ISP and malicious hackers. HotSpot Shield is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The main features of HotSpot Shield are that it has a simple and sleek design that’s easy to install. It uses specialized servers that provide the most secure Internet browsing ever. It provides you access to super-fast streaming and support for Torrenting and downloading files.

HotSpot Shield provides free protection to all Internet services, for life. This company believes that everyone should have access to a safe and secure Internet. Due to data breaches, cybersecurity concerns, and Net Neutrality, it’s more important than ever to protect your personal information.

The free plan is perfect for everyone while the Hotspot Shield Premium Plan provides access to over 2,500 servers and unlimited protection. Either way, you’ll get the security protection and privacy you’ve been looking for.

HotSpot Shield is easy to install and use. It provides a safe and secure Internet browsing experience, no matter your reason for using a VPN.