A dog is man’s best friend, but its fur is definitely not.

If you’re fond of pets, then you know what’s coming to your home: piles of pet hair on your floor, couch – basically everywhere your furry companion decides to go.

Of course, keeping your house clean isn’t limited ot just hair…little dust bunnies beneath your furniture, scattered dog food on the floor, or even matted clumps of fur.

A pet-focused robotic vacuum, however, can cut the time needed for cleanup. It makes your job as a pet owner easier, allowing you to maximize your time especially when you’re on the go.

Introducing Roomba 980

Roomba 980 is  our top pick for robot vacuums focused on pet hair. While it’s a bit older than the most current models, it still has all the same features  athe newer models have, but only with a cheaper price range!

Undoubtedly, it’s still one of the most reliable robotic vacuums in the market, making it our top choice for the best robot vacuum for pet hair.

It has all the bells and whistles that pet owner could ask for, it comes with powerful suction, allowing the device to pick up debris, hair, and food crumbs on the floor.

You can program its cleaning schedules to your desired time, which you can control via an application. It can run up to an impressive 120 minutes, making it one of the best vacuum batteries to date.

It’s a voice connected (Alexa-connected) and a Wi-Fi abled device. Roomba 980 has the capacity of cleaning multiple rooms, and can still secure its way back to the charging dock.

Why This Is The Go-To Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

There’s more to this device than what I’ve mentioned above. Let’s be more specific why pet owners are fussing over Roomba 980, check it down below.

  • It delivers a special brushless design. Your furry companion’s hair won’t get caught around the cleaner’s brushes, meaning it won’t bring it a stop. This comes with rubber treads that work to efficiently collect pet hair and bring it to the vacuum’s suction.
  • It doesn’t disappoint in picking up pet hair. Not only does it collect pet hair, but it sucks dander, cat litter, scattered dog food, and other pet-concerned clutters.
  • Adjusts automatically to surface type. Roomba 980 cleans best on hardwood, just like the rest of robotic vacuums. However, its suction power increases to take on other surface types.
  • It utilizes HEPA filters. This is especially important in houses with pets as it has more dander and dirt circulating at home.
  • Reliable navigation. Roomba 980 is famous for its well-mapped out navigation, it cleans lumps of pet hair on the floor or any other dust behind.
  • Built-in two virtual walls. Probably one of the most useful features for any pet owner. You can program your device to stray away from your dog’s water and food bowl. Or any items you don’t want the vacuum to bump over.