The History of Essential Oils

Evidence points to the Egyptians as one of the first people to utilize essential oils. Their first use dates back to 4,500 B.C.E. There were well known for their use and knowledge of cosmetology, which makes it no surprise when they were the first to discover the many benefits of essential oils. 


Why Are They Called Essential Oils?

The term essential oil dates back to the days of the middle ages, where Alchemists searched for what could be identified as the fifth element beyond water, fire, air, and earth. Through distillation, came the discovery of essential oils as we know them today. 


However, during these times, anything that produced a liquid that didn’t mix with water was classified as an oil. Thus, when essential oils were discovered, it was considered the “fifth element” and was considered to be one of the vital substances to all living things. This is how the term essential oil came to be, and it remains intact to this day, even though it isn’t really an oil. 


What Makes Up an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is expected to have the following characteristics: 


  • Extracted Through Steam Distillation
  • They are 100% Natural
  • They are From a Single Origin
  • A Majority of These Liquids Do Not Mix With Water


Essential oils can be extracted from a variety of different kinds of plants and various parts of plants, as well. A majority of essential oils have other benefits associated with them, including being antiseptic, antibacterial, and more, which extends beyond their aromatherapy benefits. 


Because they have shown the ability to heal naturally, the significance of the word essential in their name bears even more significant meaning. While they were thought to be the fifth element, being essential to human life, they maintain the importance of today’s alternative medicine. 


They can provide a lot of different uses that extend into physical and psychological cases. Because of this, they continue to be considered essential for living beings. Due to the different qualities of the oils, it makes for great therapeutic use — making them necessary to everyday life. 


It is important to find various natural medicines and things such as essential oils because it can help cure various ailments that may typically need to be dealt with by using chemicals. By using natural alternatives, you should be able to heal multiple illnesses in a way that nature intended. 


Since there are such a variety of essential oils that can provide its unique medicinal, therapeutical, or personal purposes, you should be able to find an essential oil that can help with whatever your needs are. Whether used in cosmetic blends or aromatherapy, there are always various essential oils that can bring out the best benefits that can help you and your family.