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The team here at FindReviews lives by ONE goal:
We help you make the best decisions.

Our small but mighty team is constantly researching, testing, and reviewing brands and services. We cover everything ranging from airlines to robot vacuums. While we do our best with in-depth and honest reviews, we encourage YOU to help others by sharing your honest feedback and reviews.

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With hundreds of companies often competing for your hard earned dollars, we review the top businesses and products. Then we put them through our transparent editorial grading process–making the decision simple.

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Everyone is free to leave a review on any product or service, but only at FindReviews do we require reviews to be verified before posting. This ensures you are not reading fake or company written reviews.

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We do not allow brands to change or alter reviews on our website. This ensures you receive a transparent view of any brand you are considering.

How We Make Money

We make money in two ways: referral fees from sales initiated on our website and monthly subscription fees from brands.

If you make a purchase through our website we may get compensated for a sale. Additionally we allow brands and companies to enhance their profiles on our website, collect and respond to user reviews, and several other features by paying us a monthly fee. Brands and products are not allowed to change their content or reviews, so you can always trust our website. It's a win-win!

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