Searching for reviews on the internet can be a difficult process. There are countless websites that claim to offer “real” reviews and rankings, but unfortunately many websites are incentivized to show you a particular offer over another. Many of them are flat out lies.

That’s why here at FindReviews, you can find honest, trustworthy, and transparent reviews on all of the products and services listed on our website. We want you to come back to us and refer your friends.

Our 3 Step Ranking Process:

Criteria Selection: Our editors create a set of criteria and potential scores for each category. These vary a bit, for example number of plans available isn’t needed on categories such as Air travel.


Write Reviews: Our editors then spend significant amounts of time testing, breaking, calling, using the services we found. After the review process is complete we assign scores to each attribute of the product and put them on our website. User reviews help us find additional companies we may have missed.


Find Providers: Our editors scour the internet finding the most popular brands that we can find for each category. We look at other websites to pin-point areas where we know need more transparency.

How We Sort Reviews

Editor’s Ratings

Our independent editors determine a score for each product. This criteria differs by each category, but typically will come down to price, features, and commissions paid to us. Generally offers that pay us more money upon a successful sale also have better discounts and deals for you. (They really want your business. Don’t worry, if a product doesn’t meet our tough standards, we don’t even list it.)

This could also be considered – the “Best Bet” – combining all criteria into one score that will help you.

Most Popular:

We collect user reviews, and naturally some brands are more popular than others. Sorting by this method allows you to see reviews with the most reviews.


Highest Rated:

Sometimes you want to see the highest scoring product – no matter how many users it has. This lets you narrow your choice down.

We hope this helps you understand how we rank and review all of the products and services on this website. Got questions? We’d love to hear from you.