Best Coolers Featured in This Roundup:

List of the Best Coolers

1. REYLEO Cooler, 21-Quart/20L Rotomolded Cooler

  • Keeps food and drinks fresh for over 72 hours
  • Has a 21-quart storage capacity 
  • Heat-resistant technology, and can withstand outdoor use
  • May have issues retaining the cold air inside
  • Is quite heavy and may not be suitable to carry for long periods
Bottom Line

The Reyleo Cooler, 21-Quart/20L Rotomolded Cooler delivers satisfaction in many aspects with balanced performance and a design that's unmatched by others in the same price tag. However, this model is far from perfect, and it does suffer from a few setbacks, but in the end, there still isn't a cooler that can match its ability to keep food and drinks crisp and fresh.


Even with some errors in its design, the Reyleo Cooler, 21-Quart/20L Rotomolded Cooler is still the top contender to 2019's best cooler. Sporting the best features such as its sturdy, heavily built body made to withstand hundreds of pounds, to its many innovative features, the Reyleo Cooler proves to be an unbeatable model for all your cooling needs. 


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2. Igloo Polar Cooler (120-Quart, White)

  • Ultratherm insulated body and lid will keep ice for five days  
  • Adjustable temperature controls between Celsius and Fahrenheit 
  • Reinforced glass door with air-tight seal makes sure the cold air stays inside 
  • Temperatures may fluctuate and change over time 
  • Life span may be shorter than intended as it tends to die after a few months
Bottom Line

The Igloo Polar Cooler (120-Quart, White) has proved to be an adequate cooler for serving its purpose and more. However, its quality isn't 100% reliable, which takes away from its overall performance and can be a reason why consumers may stay away from this brand and model. But on the bright side, it does wonders by being so well built, because it can serve as a makeshift chair if you need it.  


But even with it a faulty lid and screws, this cooler isn't the worst in its price range, and if you're one of the lucky customers that gets a fully functional unit, then this product is one of the best you'll get to keep all your food and beverages cold and fresh. In the end, the Igloo Polar is an excellent example of a high-performance cooler that comes at a reasonable price. 

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3. YETI Roadie 20 Cooler, White

  • Use it for everything you need, from a backcountry adventure to a backyard BBQ 
  • Interlock lid system prevents any heat from escaping 
  • The Neverfail Hinge System ensures that the hinge will never break
  • May have leaking issues 
  • May not perform as well during summer months
Bottom Line

The YETI Roadie 20 Cooler, White tries to provide a high-quality cooler with the use of over-the-top features that have labels such as "nearly indestructible" and "never-fail" to try to ensure potential buyers of the unit's apparent perfection. However, many customers are let down because of its lackluster performance to retain the coldness inside the cooler itself. 


However, not everything about the YETI Roadie 20 Cooler, White is a failure. It excels in more ways than one, and if you're lucky enough to get a unit that serves its purpose without fault, then you've come across a diamond in the rough. Despite its shortcomings, it does manage to give customers a vault-like product which protects your drinks and food for every adventure you may have.

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4. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler

  • Easy access, zipperless lid  
  • Ultra-safe and leak-proof design
  • Stain and water-resistant, easy to wipe clean
  • May have issues retaining coldness inside 
  • The hard plastic insert may get holes
Bottom Line

The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler may be built with many features, but its shortcomings keep it from getting the top spot and being crowned the best cooler of this year. However, we really can't expect perfection from a cooler valued at $40, and to be honest, it does more than it needs to at that price line. 


With its excellent features, the Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler can be excused of its faults, and it does deliver an acceptable quality of performance. In the end, this cooler is an excellent choice for those on a budget or for anyone who needs a cooler on the go. It may not be the best there is, but it's still worth the money. 

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