CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set Review


The CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set is the foundation of any well-equipped kitchen and can be a part of your family’s celebrations for decades to come. With this kitchen knife set, you won’t just survive the kitchen, but instead, you’ll thrive. 


It holds ten must-have cutlery pieces for any mother who loves to prepare meals, any chef who creates masterpieces, and any amateur who wants to start their food journey. It also comes with 8 table knives to stretch its boundaries from the kitchen to the dining room. 


CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set
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The Good

Our review of the CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set put this knife set through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set…


Serves Your Kitchen: 

The CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set has been America’s leading brand in providing quality cutlery for over 60 years and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Cutco’s Forever Guarantee will ensure that you will have no problems in the kitchen, as they will provide free sharpening and replacement forever. 


High-Quality Kitchenware:

It’s highly engineered thermo-resin ergonomic handles won’t fade, chip, crack or absorb any material. Furthermore, its strength and durability mean that this knife set can be used for seasons to come. The CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set has been manufactured in the USA by American craftworkers for your confidence. 


Knife Set Includes:  

Not only will the CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set help you with your everyday tasks, but it will also become the center of your most important room: the kitchen. This knife set comes with (8) #1759 Table Knives, (10) Kitchen Knives & Forks, #1748 Honey Oak knife block, #82 Sharpener, and #125 Medium Poly Prep cutting board, all to assist you with prep time, serve time and to make gourmet meals. 


CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set
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The Bad

While the CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set gives us the promise of long-lasting kitchen knives, they miss the mark on many levels. As one disappointed customer reported, the blades are so flimsy that they feel as though they might fall apart even when they aren’t being used. At the same time, they may not be dishwasher safe as claimed by the company as putting them in the dishwasher caused them to have spots of white, whereas other knives did not suffer from this problem. Unfortunately, this knife set costs much more than they are worth. 


Another customer is outraged by the fact that these knives are easy to bend at the blades. As a result, he has broken two paring knives, which rusted at the bolts in the handle, causing them to snap. The Cutco handle is also unrefined and is made with second rate steel, making the customer question the company and wonder if they’ve been motivated by profit alone and invested too much on advertising and paid little attention to the actual product itself.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the CUTCO Model 2018 Homemaker+8 Set is far off from being the best knife set there is. And while it offers a complete set for all our kitchen needs, that’s about all it has to offer. In terms of quality and durability, though, it just doesn’t work for any of us. To be honest, you’d be doing yourself a favor by staying away from these overpriced, fancy-looking knife set. Because that’s exactly what they are, without providing any of their promised results. 


Overall, while Cutco might think that they are still the leading providers for everything knives, the evidence couldn’t be further from the truth. Perhaps they used to provide fantastic quality, but in the year 2019, their so-called quality isn’t good enough and should be revised. The final verdict? You’re better off looking for a knife set that hasn’t been around in the last 60 years because it seems like Cutco hasn’t been able to move on from their 1960’s glory days.

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