Direct Express Auto Transport Review


Shipping over two hundred thousand vehicles since 2004, Direct Express Auto Transport is hailed as one of the largest car transportation companies in America.

Having seen most of everything, from hurricanes, droughts, cold winters, summer, seasonal peaks, and seasonal lows, the company’s experience is undeniably irreplaceable.

With the experience Direct Express Auto Transport holds, they have learned to expect and to react to any situation accordingly helping their customers navigate through all the processes and situation.

Direct Express Auto Transport has created a very good reputation within the transport industry through their talented customer service staff. They’re well-trained and ready to answer their customer’s needs at any time.

They also show off their website which is packed with the information needed by their customers for the transportation of their vehicles.

The first company to offer its online visitors an instant vehicle shipping rate as a pioneer of the revolution of the transport process. Or as they call it, instant online auto transport quote.

Fair System

They do not require any personal information from their visitors because they value and respect their visitor’s privacy. In which until today, puts them on the top and one of the most sophisticated companies in the industry.

Direct Express Auto Transport is the company responsible for eliminating the fourteen-page standard contract because it was unfair to the customers.

The company stated that the customer can cancel assignment and pick-up at any time with a full refund because it is the customer’s right to do so.

Direct Express Auto Transport started out as the first shipping quote calculator in 2004. Four years after, their competition began using a knock-off software which does not work as well as the original. Basic copycat job.


The company operates with complete insurance. The national auto shipping road carriers are insured with a minimum of three-quarters of a million dollars of liability insurance plus cargo insurance.

The customer’s vehicles are also insured up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in physical damage which the company claims to happen very rarely.

As per requirement of the U. S. transportation department, Direct Express Auto Transport is bonded and licensed with a license number MC 479342.

The company offers three levels of car transport pricing first being the standard rate which is the basic cost to transport the customer’s vehicle.

The next one is the expedited rate which is highly recommended because of its optimal package having the perfect price for just the perfect time of delivery.

Lastly, the rush rate which has the highest rate because it is literally rushing the time of delivery depending on the customer’s preference.

Direct Express Auto Transport
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The Good

• High experience
• Good reputation
• Great value for service
• Bonded and licensed

Direct Express Auto Transport
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The Bad
  • goes through middlemen
  • no motorcycle shipping
The Bottom Line

Overall, Direct Express Auto Transport is a great company complete with its impressive experience through its years of operation paired with its good reputation and great customer service.

Direct Express Auto Transport is truly a reliable company for auto transportation. We’d recommend Direct Express for anyone who wants a hassle-free shipment.

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