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If you need your vehicle to be transported, EZ Transport will deliver, literally and figuratively. They are a company that offers vehicle transportation and also has a shipping brokerage firm that is based in Brooklyn, New York.

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of this company and their services, you can check them out in their office and see that they’re licensed to operate in the US, and is fully insured and bonded. With an interstate license, EZ Transport can transport your vehicle to whatever part of the United States.

EZ Transport’s role is to broker the transport of the customers’ vehicles such as trucks, sport utility vehicle (SUV), vans, motorcycle, and any type of vehicle/transportation device that can be shipped, they can ship, even commercial fleets and oversized vehicles.

With EZ transport, you can choose from their different types of services such as door to door delivery, be it on enclosed transports, which shields your vehicle from the harsh elements and road conditions, or auto open transports, which is significantly cheaper compared to an enclosed one, but your vehicle is rather exposed.

They also have something called expedited shipping in which you are able to pick your vehicle up within the same given day without getting charged extra.

EZ Transport stands by the precision and quality of service that their proprietary automated carrier selection platform to be one of the best in the transporting service. They’re able to link you with only the best providers, and with over 30,000 providers being monitored by them.

Having a huge pool of providers may be a good or bad thing, but with EZ Transport, they guarantee that almost any provider you link up with within this pool will provide you top-notch services.

If you contact them on their landline or telephone number, you can get yourself instant pricing depending on several factors of the transport.

EZ Transport promises to provide quick, cheap, and yet reliable transporting services that you can count on.

One thing that you can be sure when you’re working with EZ Transport is that your vehicle will be taken care of, and they are quick to deliver, sometimes only taking a day, depending on the distance and circumstances of the transport.

How they’re able to offer you such a low price while providing you great service lies in their bidding system. They will wait for an opportune moment for car carries to have only 3-4 spots available, and by that time, they’ll be offering discounts and reduced rates, and that’s where the bidding system comes in.

EZ Transport
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The Good
  • Same-day shipping with no extra charges
  • Different transportation options
  • Reliable transporting services
  • Fully insured and licensed company
EZ Transport
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The Bad
  • Prices vary
The Bottom Line

EZ Transport can and will provide you with reliable, quick, and cheap services. If you’re looking for a company to safely transport your vehicle, this company will help you tremendously because of their proprietary system that connects you to the best transporters in the business.

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