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King of Road Transport stands by its name, they’re known for their high-end services that can help you out in any given situation. Regardless of what you need, whether you need an abrupt move or an extended stay at a certain location, King of the Road is the way to go.

The company gives vehicle shipping services using door-to-door services all around the country. They don’t only specialize in cars, but they also arrange shipments for your motorcycles and boats.

Their services handle large and small parcels alike. King of the Road Transport has complete licenses, so you’re guaranteed you’re in safe hands. In addition, they’re also bonded and insured.

They connect their clients to different drivers that transport your vehicles across the state, region, and even country.

Another thing that makes this company stand out is its discounts to military personnel, senior citizens, and to loyal customers.

They offer both enclosed and open shipping on the table. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, open shipping is suited for you. However, if you’re shipping expensive vehicles, the added protection that enclosed shipping works better for you.


King of the Road Transport comes with different prices, depending on a number of factors, such car condition, size, and the preferred shipping type.

The route also is a huge factor, if you’re using the interstate highway route, then it’s going to be cheaper. However, if the route has to pass through a rural area, price will be costlier.

You’re not required to pay an upfront fee, so this builds a trust between you and the company. Payment is only needed when your car is already being shipped.

If you’re going to ship a car using their services from Florida to Northeast around summer, expect you’re going to pay $900 up to $1,000. This is because of the route popularity.

However, if you were to ship your vehicle Northeast to Florida it would be cheaper at $600 to $700, saving you a few hundred dollars.

If you plan on cutting down costs as much as possible, then plan with King of the Road Shipment to ship your vehicle during offseason.

If you want to learn more about the prices and discounts, you may contact a customer representative from their company to coordinate with them.


The company gives you a free quotation once you have filed up the needed information. If you have additional input, make sure to discuss it with a representative, so they can change the price accordingly.

They’ll then proceed to give you a contract for working with them. After which, you’ll receive a schedule and the carrier’s data.

During the shipment process, they keep constant communication to keep you updated. These are being done through phone, e-mail, and text. Finally, a number of payment options are given.

King of the Road Transport
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The Good
  • 50 states shipment
  • International and local shipping
  • Ships SUVs and trucks
  • terminal-to-terminal transport
King of the Road Transport
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The Bad
  • Extra fees for modified cars
The Bottom Line

King of the Road is able to ship a wide variety of vehicles, making it convenient for clients. Not only that, but their reach enables them to ship your car anywhere in the globe.

In addition, their nifty tracking option makes sure you know the whereabouts of your auto, ensuring a safety drop off.

All in all, this is a company of value that allows their customers to have an excellent shipment experience at a decent price.

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