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Multi-factor authentication. Secure password sharing. Password generator with added security features. Easy and safe storage of payment info and passwords.


LogMeIn was founded in 2006 and offer cloud-based remote connectivity services for customer engagement, IT management, and collaboration. They give users the ability to log into computers remotely. LogMeIn has several subsidiary companies, one of which is LastPass.

LastPass was acquired by LogMeIn in 2015. It’s a freemium password manager, although they do have several upgrade options available for those that are serious about staying safe and secure online. They’re one of the four best and most popular password managers on the market.

Provided Protection

LastPass has a variety of ways to protect your personal information online. You’ll be able to keep your sensitive data safe from hackers and still have easy access to it when needed. The following are some of our favorite LastPass Password Manager features.

Password Generator: When it comes to creating strong, unique passwords that no one can hack, LastPass’s password generator is there for you. You can make unique passwords for all of your accounts. This password generator is built into your account and helps you create long, random passwords that protect your information from being hacked.

Secure Sharing: When it comes to sharing your private information, you should be selective, and you certainly can’t share confidential information via text or email. If you need to share your information with others, you can do it safely with LastPass. One-to-one sharing allows you to handpick exactly who gets access.

Password and Form Autofill: When it comes to online shopping and logging into your bank, filling out the same information over and over can be tedious. By installing the LastPass plugin for your browser, you can use the form autofill feature to remember your favorite URLs and the information that goes with them.

Multi-Factor Authentication: The more layers of authentication you have, the more secure your account is and the better your chances are of staying safe online. With multi-factor authentication, LastPass allows you to implement extra security measures, so all of your information is secure.

Pricing Plans

LastPass offers a variety of password management pricing plans. To help you decide if it’s the right password manager for you, LastPass offers a 30-day free trial of whichever plan you choose.

Free Plan: LastPass Free includes a secure password vault, access on an unlimited number of devices, one-to-one sharing, save and fill passwords, password generator, secure notes, security challenge, multi-factor authentication, and LastPass Authenticator.

Premium Plan: LastPass Premium includes everything in the Free Plan, plus one-to-many sharing, emergency access, advanced multi-factor authentication, LastPass for applications, priority tech support, and 1GB of encrypted file storage. It costs $2 per month for one user and is billed annually at $24.

Families Plan: LastPass for families includes everything in the Premium Plan, plus a family dashboard manager and unlimited shared folders. It costs $4 per month for up to six users and is billed annually at $48.

Teams Plan: LastPass for teams includes everything in the Premium and Families Plans, plus an admin dashboard, easy user management, standard security policies, and basic reporting. It costs $4 per month per user from 5-50 users and is billed annually at $48 per user.

Enterprise Plan: LastPass Enterprise includes everything in the Teams Plan, plus federated login with AD, directory integration with IdP, 100+ security policies, group management, additional multi-factor options, advanced reporting, API access, SAML single sign-on, cloud app provisioning, and dedicated customer support. You should contact LastPass for a custom quote.

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The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put LastPass through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your own time or money. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite LastPass Password Manager service benefits…

Access on Unlimited Devices

When you sign up for LastPass, you don’t have to worry about having your access restricted to only one device. You can use your LastPass account on any device, so when you log into your bank’s app on your smartphone, you have your passwords right at your fingertips.

Simple and Secure Storage

When it comes to keeping track of all of your information, storing it in one place makes it so easy. Notes, insurance cards, credit cards, memberships, prescriptions, passwords and more all have a home in your LastPass account, so you know exactly where everything is all the time and can get to it at a moment’s notice.

Priority Tech Support

With paid plans, LastPass offers priority tech support when you have any problems. Their support queue filters help requests by account type, so Premium Plan and Families Plan subscribers go straight to the top. You’ll get an answer to your question faster than ever.

Security Challenge

LastPass’s security challenge allows you to continually audit your accounts to find old, weak, reused, or breached passwords. This helps you to keep up with your password health to make sure your information is as secure as possible.

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The Bad

LastPass has a stand-alone desktop app, but it’s only for Macs. If you have a Windows machine, you won’t have access to this feature. However, you still have access to plugins for your browser and apps for your smartphone, plus you can log into your account online. You still have access to everything you need at your fingertips.

LastPass does not have a universal password changer. Some password managers allow you to select multiple accounts and update the passwords all at once. This is a convenient feature when you want to update all of your passwords regularly. While this is nice to have, it’s not necessary. LastPass offers a password generator you can use to create new passwords and update them manually, keeping your information as secure as possible.

The Bottom Line

LastPass offers one of the most comprehensive free plans around and their upgraded plans offer even more. With storage for all of your information, autofill capabilities, sharing features, and a password generator, you’ll have access to everything you need on every device.

LastPass has everything you need to keep your information safe and secure. Plus, you’ll enjoy great customer service and awesome features at an affordable price. If you’re serious about keeping your personal info secure online, LastPass is a great option.

Stay safe online and get secure access to your sensitive info with LastPass Password Manager!

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