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Sleek smartwatch monitoring option. GPS location services and fall detection. User-friendly mobile app for staying connected with loved ones.


MobileHelp is a subsidiary of Integrity Tracking. They are a leading provider of personal emergency response systems and offer many different products to suit a variety of lifestyles. From at-home monitoring to mobile alert systems, they offer unique products and excellent customer service. MobileHelp gives seniors the independence they want and their families the peace of mind they need.

Integrity Tracking, LLC was founded in 2006. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, they provide medical alert and fall detection services and equipment to people in all 50 states. They also manufacture devices that monitor vital statistics like weight, blood pressure, medication management, and activity tracking.

Monitoring Features

MobileHelp offers a variety of monitoring services and equipment to older adults that want to be able to safely stay in their homes. The following are some of our favorite ways that MobileHelp provides around-the-clock monitoring to those living with medical conditions or ailments.

Fall Detection: Fall detection services can be added to any MobileHelp plan. If you fall and can’t reach your button, MobileHelp will receive a fall alert and reach out to you. You don’t ever have to worry about being stuck without help for very long.

GPS Technology: All mobile devices come equipped with GPS technology. If you don’t know where you are when you push your alert button, MobileHelp will help you get your bearings. They can use GPS to locate your device and send emergency services directly to you.

U.S. Based Customer Service: MobileHelp’s 100% U.S. based customer service means you never have to deal with a third party when you contact them for assistance. You’ll be connected to a representative immediately who can assess the situation and respond accordingly.

MobileHelp Connect: MobileHelp provides a suite of online tools to help family members and caregivers connect with the subscriber’s health and well-being. These features are included in all plans at no extra charge. You can locate a MobileHelp device, set up alerts, schedule medication reminders, track activity levels, and more.

Medical Alert Plans

MobileHelp offers a variety of medical alert pricing plans to allow seniors to safely remain in their own homes. To help you decide if it’s the right medical alert service for you, MobileHelp has no up-front or hidden fees, and you can cancel your plan at any time.

MobileHelp Classic: This plan is a cellular protection system for use at home. You do not need a landline. It includes a base station and a wrist button or neck pendant. It costs $19.95 per month ($239.40 per year).

MobileHelp Duo: This plan is a cellular protection system for use at home and on-the-go. It includes a mobile unit with GPS, a base station, and a wrist button or neck pendant. It costs $41.95 per month ($503.40 per year).

MobileHelp Solo: This plan is for use on-the-go. It includes a mobile unit with GPS and a wrist button or neck pendant. It costs $37.95 per month ($455.40 per year).

MobileHelp Smart: This plan is powered by Samsung. It includes a smartwatch monitoring system with a discreet design and many built-in apps. The watch costs $349.95 plus $24.95 per month ($299.40 per year).

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The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put MobileHelp through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your time or money. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite MobileHelp medical alert service benefits…

No Long-Term Contracts

MobileHelp doesn’t require any long-term contracts. You don’t have to pay for the equipment, and there are no hidden fees. That means you can try it risk-free. We know you’ll love it, but if you don’t, you’re not locked in. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that you’re not wasting your money.

FDA Registered Company

MobileHelp is one of the few medical alert companies that pass the FDA Medical Device Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations. That means the system they have in place is registered with the FDA. The quality is excellent, and you can rely on it when you need it most.

Smartwatch Option

MobileHelp is also unique because of its smartwatch plan option. Not many medical alert companies have one. The smartwatch is discreet, meaning you can go anywhere without feeling as if you’re sticking out. The MobileHelp button is hidden in a sleek smartwatch that contains the Samsung Health app, a built-in weather app, and more.

A+ with the BBB

An excellent rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website is just another reason we like MobileHelp. We know they manufacture a quality device and provide exceptional service because their existing customers say so. Give yourself the peace of mind you need by subscribing to a plan you know you can trust.

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The Bad

Cellular service isn’t always reliable in all areas. MobileHelp runs on AT&T cellular service, so if you have poor AT&T reception in your area, it may not always have a connection. However, AT&T has one of the biggest and most reliable networks in the U.S., so most people won’t have a problem. You will also have the added convenience of service wherever you go if you subscribe to one of the mobile plans.

We also encountered some complaints from MobileHelp users that a fall has been detected when there wasn’t one. The devices are overly sensitive sometimes, but we would much rather have it that way than the other way around. In our opinion, we’d rather have our older loved ones protected from no threat than left to suffer when they do fall and don’t get help.

The Bottom Line

With modern devices, GPS, fall detection, and a user-friendly mobile app, you can’t go wrong with MobileHelp. They give seniors the independence they need with flexible options, sleek wrist buttons and watches, and no contract obligations.

To be honest, we struggled to find anything to complain about at all when it comes to this medical monitoring service. MobileHelp is registered with the FDA, has an excellent rating on the BBB, and offers everything you need to maintain your lifestyle while ensuring help is just the push of a button away.

Enjoy modern monitoring services and 24/7 fall detection by signing up with MobileAlert today!

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