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Identity protection from a top authority in the credit industry. Access to true FICO credit scores. Comprehensive credit monitoring.


FICO is a trusted brand with a lot of knowledge on the subject of credit scores. The publicly-traded company got its start way back in 1956 and released the original FICO credit scoring system in 1989. FICO helps people keep track of their level of lending eligibility and it’s the most widely-used credit score for loan applications to date.

myFICO was established in 2001 to give people direct access to their FICO score and has since expanded to provide credit tracking and identity theft protection services to consumers all over the world. Millions of people trust one of the most well-known names in the credit industry to keep their identities safe with myFICO.

Provided Protection

myFICO offers multiple ways to protect your identity and prevent your personal information from being stolen. These are some of the best ways that myFICO protects you from identity theft threats.

FICO Score Monitoring: For complete monitoring of your credit score, you can’t go wrong with myFICO. The service includes watching your credit score, alerting you when something changes, and providing a credit report with monthly updates. These scores and alerts come from at least one of the three major credit bureaus.

Score Simulator: myFICO provides users with a credit score simulator. This allows you to see what your credit score would be if you took out a loan or paid off a credit card. You can do your best financial planning when you know how these actions will affect your credit. myFICO can even protect you from making bad financial decisions that could impact your money and your future.

True FICO Score: FICO is the industry-standard credit score that most lenders use. While other companies can’t provide your true FICO credit score, myFICO can. Using this information, you can use the interest rate estimator to see how your score impacts getting a loan. You can also see potential interest rates and monthly payments.

Impact on Your Scores: myFICO provides a monthly update on what is helping or hurting your credit score. Big financial decisions, loans, and credit card balances all affect this number. If you are educated about what impacts your score for better or worse, you can change your habits and improve the overall picture.

Pricing Plans

myFICO offers a variety of identity protection pricing plans. To help you decide if it’s the right identity theft prevention service for you, myFICO allows you to pay monthly and cancel at any time.

FICO Basics 1B: This entry-level plan includes monthly updates from one credit bureau. One adult is $19.95 per month ($239.40 per year).

FICO Basics 3B: This mid-level plan includes updates every three months from all three credit bureaus. One adult is $29.95 per month (359.40 per year).

FICO Basics 3B+: This top-tier plan includes monthly updates from all credit bureaus. One adult is $39.95 per month ($479.40 per year).

The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put myFICO through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your own time. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite myFICO identity protection service benefits…

24/7 Fraud Resolution

Identity theft doesn’t take a break, and neither does myFICO. With access to fraud resolution services 24/7, we feel much more comfortable subscribing to this service over others. We know you’ll get the attention your case needs if something bad were to happen. You can contact myFICO by phone anytime day or night.

Loss Prevention Insurance

myFICO offers up to $1 million in loss prevention insurance. That means you can cover your out-of-pocket expenses and anything else that was stolen. Repairing your life after identity theft is expensive, so this is a huge benefit. It’s more than many other companies offer on their least expensive plan.


Trust is the most important factor when talking about your personal identity. We have far fewer complaints about myFICO than any other company we’ve reviewed. They have a clean track record and no privacy breaches or major scandals. You can trust them with your most sensitive information.


When it comes to credit scores and how they actually work, nobody knows more than FICO. By using myFICO, you get the most accurate and reliable information from an authoritative source. You can also use their library of helpful articles to learn more about credit scores yourself. We really like that they do their best to release updated information and educate others.

The Bad

One of the biggest drawbacks we found was that myFICO doesn’t have family plans. Each plan only covers one adult. Despite this limitation, the features that myFICO offers give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to your personal identity and financial health.

myFICO is quite a bit more expensive than other services we’ve reviewed. However, their solid reputation and authority on the subject of credit scores make them well worth the cost. You know you can trust them with your personal information, and you know the reports you get are accurate.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for identity theft protection from experts in the industry, look no further than myFICO. With features allowing you to keep track of your credit score and how it changes over time, you’ll get better control over your finances.

So, what’s our bottom line? We know that myFICO gives you the most accurate information and the most knowledgeable identity protection service money can buy. It’s a top-tier service from a well-respected company. And they offer tons of features you know you can trust.

When it comes to protecting your identity, myFICO is the clear choice. Try it today!

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