Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Throughout the years, cleaning has become more and more efficient, thanks to advanced technology making better devices and tools. Robot vacuums, more commonly known as robovacs, have made the tedious process of cleaning around the home much more manageable. Today, everyone’s talking about robot vacuums. Robot vacuums are unlike any other type of vacuum available because they don’t rely on you to move them around and to press all of those little buttons. Instead, a robot vacuum cleans your entire home on its own. You just give it a few instructions, and then the vacuum moves across your home, sucking up whatever is in its path. 

Since robot vacuums are so popular, it goes without saying that a lot of manufacturers have decided to hop on the bandwagon. Right now, there are a lot of different robot vacuums, and many of these robot vacuums are not only excellent but also affordable. The Pureatic V2S robotic vacuum is one such device that not only saves you time from cleaning around the house but also saves you from breaking the bank. It has four cleaning methods boxed into a powerful and sturdy body, along with a variety of features and extras. The patented V2S technology intelligently navigates and maps your home, cleaning in straight lines instead of a random pattern. This means no accidental bumping, no area missing, low repeat, and high coverage — this robotic vacuum features in autonomous route planning to maximize cleaning efficiency.

The Pureatic V2S at a glance: 

  • Dual Remote Control
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Powerful 1500Pa Suction
  • 650ML Large Dust-box
  • 4400mAh High Capacity Battery
  • Automatic Rechargeability
  • Clean from Hard Floor to Low Tile Carpet
  • Mapping, Spot, Edge, Automatic and Schedule Modes
Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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The Good

Our review of the Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum put this robot vacuum through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum…

Robust and Thorough: This robotic vacuum is perfect for cleaning hardwood wood floors to low pile carpet. This robotic vacuum cleaner provides strong suction of up to 1500Pa both on floors and carpet, making it the perfect house cleaning buddy. Its 3-point cleaning system modes is sure to meet all your cleaning needs and will clean more thoroughly with a noise level that’s less than 58 dB. What makes the overall vacuuming process so effective is the fact that the V2S uses 1500Pa of suction. Most of the lower-budget robot vacuums offer 1300Pa or less of suction, but the V2S provides more. 

Now, that may not sound like a lot, but it is because 1500Pa of suction makes it very easy for dirt and dust to be sucked into the vacuum — especially on hard floors. When the V2S is moving across your floors and vacuuming, it makes use of a fundamental cleaning system. This cleaning system involves side brushes that are used to sweep up the dirt, dust, and debris from the side of the vacuum. Without these brushes, the vacuum would miss quite a bit of stuff, making the overall vacuuming process a little more tricky. However, all of that dirt, dust, and debris will be gathered into the suction pathway.

Excellent Performance: To use the V2S, you’re going to need to use a remote control, or your smartphone. When you use your smartphone, you have access to all of the different cleaning settings and features, at any time. These are features and settings regarding what the vacuum is cleaning and when it cleans and when it recharges. These are essential features and settings that you can access using the remote control or your smartphone, and they can be incredibly useful, depending on when you need them. When you’ve chosen the settings that you want, and you’re ready for the V2S to start vacuuming your home, you can just press the “Power” button, and the process will begin. Once the vacuum starts cleaning, it’ll use a variety of different sensors to determine where it is, in your home, and where it needs to go.

Each one of these sensors is quite simple, but there are many of them, and they all serve a different purpose. Some of the sensors are for detecting the objects that are surrounding the vacuum so that it doesn’t collide with those objects. While other sensors are for creating specific vacuuming routes so that no time is wasted and to make sure all of the cleaning is done quickly and efficiently. There are several other purposes for the different sensors, but those are the two primary purposes; preventing collisions, and finding the best and most effective cleaning path. Since the sensors are so capable, it’s easy for you to turn on the V2S and let it clean. It works quickly, and it’s quite precise, allowing for the dirt, dust, and debris that’s on your floors to be removed in an hour or so.

Advanced Technology: The Pureactic V2S robot vacuum cleaner uses a 360°anti-collision system and comprehensive, intelligent drop sensor safety technology with anti-scratch glass top cover for protection. Its V2S technology intelligently navigates and maps your home, cleaning in straight lines instead of a random pattern. This means there’s no accidental bumping, and it won’t miss any areas — this robotic vacuum features in autonomous route planning to maximize cleaning efficiency. 

Its triple filter (comes with a washable Pre-filter/Sponge/ High-efficiency filter), dual side brushes, and powerful suction ensure a thorough clean. The design of the V2S robotic vacuum cleaner could easily clean life’s various messes, through different floors, while cleaning evenly — whether it’s the flooring, marble, or carpet. It also cleans animal pet hair easily, along with human hair, effectively preventing the spread of bacteria, giving the home a healthy and space-purifying environment.

Better Battery Life: With the maximum run-time of 120 minutes, the Pureatic V2S has a large battery capacity to support your robot vacuum, so you get to enjoy an immaculate home from a single charge. The robotic vacuum automatically looks for a charging dock when it is finished or when it is low on power. Powered by a 4400mAh, high-capacity Li-ion battery, this vacuum cleaner supports all day cleaning for anyone who wants a powerful performance. The input voltage and frequency are 100-120V AC 50/60Hz, which is suitable for all household uses or public places.

Brilliant Tools and Extras: The Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an exceptionally affordable robot vacuum cleaner that offers a variety of features. Features that many of the more affordable robot vacuums on the market don’t provide. The Pureatic V2S is fully upgraded with the dual remote control system — this highly interactive mobile application supports all your functionality needs, or you can opt to use the remote control. A large 650ML dust box holds more dirt per clean and reduces the frequency of emptying. The Pureatic V2 also uses drop-sensing technology to prevent it from falling down stairs and off of ledges. Last but not least, every Pureatic product is backed by a 30-day, money-back, and 1-year worry-free warranty. Should you have any problems or concerns, you may contact them via email at [email protected].

Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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The Bad

Unfortunately, the Pureatic V2 suffers from a few weaknesses, which are evident in some aspects of its performance. Some users have complained about how the vacuum worked for a while but stopped working altogether after only a month. Many also complained about how the charger was problematic, as it wouldn’t charge past 20% and will only go back to the dock after it would leave for cleaning. Other problems include not being able to pick up dirt from different surfaces such as rugs and carpets. It has been reported as not being as productive with these softer surfaces; therefore it takes a long time while cleaning.

Other users have tried to contact the company to discuss problems and concerns. However, they found that the company had terrible customer service as no one has gotten back to them regarding their query. The instructions that come with this product are also hard to understand, and is perhaps due to bad translation or has been overlooked by the manufacturer. And worst of all, the most annoying thing about this product may be the fact that the Smart Life App doesn’t work with the robot vacuum. 

The Bottom Line

Despite its shortcomings, the Pureatic V2S is still a highly functional cleaner that can serve multiple purposes. In the end, this entry is an excellent robot vacuum and is one of the most affordable robot vacuums on the market. With its powerful performance on hard floors, its quiet running system, and different cleaning modes, the V2S has more to offer compared to other brands of the same price range. And for such an affordable option, it gives us the choice of two different control options; through the smartphone app or its remote control — which is not something you always find in low tier vacuums. 

Its many features include advanced technology beyond what one would expect from such a simple device, including the various sensors equipped into this flexible robot vacuum. And to add to that, the Pureatic V2S also comes with triple filters to ensure a thorough clean that will leave your home cleaner and healthier for your family and pets. And with its superior battery life, you can get more done with the V2S, whether you only need it for a quick clean or a thorough clean of the whole house. Lastly, the manufacturer’s warranty is set to back you up for an entire year for a worry-free experience. So, if you’re looking for a robot vacuum that offers some excellent features, but without the hefty price tag that many other robot vacuums come with, then the Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a fantastic choice!

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