Road Runner Auto Transport Review


Road Runner Auto Transport is rated #1 trusted car shipping company by customers. Experienced and professional staff work around the clock to ensure each customer has a positive shipping experience.

They have built a hands-on, professional team member that gives you a fully insured transport without upfront deposit fee. Their customer service support is definitely commendable as it keeps you updated throughout the shipment process.

They’re one of those companies that go above and beyond to make sure their clients are satisfied. Road Runner has an online tracker, so you can personally see the transaction progress yourself.

It feels you feel comfortable knowing that your expensive shipment is being handled by experienced professionals, their customer support is available 24/7.

You’ll receive a free quotation on their website to get your car shipped as soon as possible. They’re able to ship anywhere in the U.S., and they’re able to transport any vehicle type.


Transportation cost greatly varies depending on different factors, such as the season, transportation type, and locations.

Usually, it would cost you around $800 to ship an average-sized car a thousand miles away during summer. Of course, if you were to ship the same vehicle size during the winter, it would be cheaper.

It usually takes around two-four days on a normal workweek. You’ll be asked to pay for additional fees if you’re going to upgrade your shipping option. This includes the following upgrades: top-load, enclosed shipping, and lastly, expedited shipping.

They also give out discounts to military members. If you have served the military, make sure to coordinate with their representative to avail the coupon.

Road Runner Auto Transport insures all of the shipments. In other words, you can rest easy knowing they’ve come up with a fallback when the worst scenario happens. But if you want that added protection, you may include additional coverage.


The company ships nationwide. Its reach goes anywhere in the U.S., and even to Hawaii, Alaska, and lastly, Puerto Rico. Moreover, it can ship any vehicle in the Caribbean as well.

Their popular type of service is door-to-door because of its convenience. It can ship cars, classic vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, and inoperable cars. You can also use their services to ship heavy equipment for the farm.


On the site, you can choose your state, check out popular routes, and view the carrier rating. It’s always best to plan things in advance to save on cost, especially if your route is on the rural areas.

Quotes can be found on their website, and you can do so by putting in your car’s details, date, and contact information.

You may check out the tracking progress on their website by putting in your booking number. You’ll get a response from their agent between 9-9 EST during weekdays.

Road Runner Auto Transport
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The Good

• Ships anywhere in the United States
• 24/7 tracking
• Door-to-door shipping

Road Runner Auto Transport
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The Bad

• terminal-to-terminal is not available

The Bottom Line

R.R.A.T makes the experience easy for everyone because of their thorough shipment process. On their website, they have a number of in-depth content, so you’ll be educated more about the company. This increases their credibility and the trust between the company and clients.

They have definitely stepped up their game and is known to be one of the best in the industry. We recommend Road Runner Auto Transport who’s looking for a quality experience.

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