Sherpa Auto Transport Review


Sherpa Auto Transport delivers door-to-door shipping for your convenience, and their world-class customer service is known for its professionalism.

Communication-wise, their team is pretty spot-on. They’re quick to respond, and they give precise pricing with real-time data as their basis.

Unlike many other auto transport companies, they don’t give you the typical bait-and-switch pricing. One of their strongest feats is their PLP (Price Lock Promise), once they’ve said the word, they’ll stick to it.

SAT guarantees a stress-free experience. Their process is designed to let you move from one step to another smoothly. Sherpa particularly shines brightly when it comes to a full-service transportation company and accurate pricing.

The company focuses on older vehicles, relocations, and other services. They can handle SUVs, vans, and trucks, shipping them safely to their destination.


Price-range wise, they give a fair deal considering the service you’re getting in return. Shipment usually costs you $910 on average. However, this will change depending on different factors, such as car type, seasons, and routes.

You’re asked to make an initial deposit to get your auto shipped. If something came up which led you to cancel, you’ll pay a $25. Of course, this is assuming you weren’t assigned to a carrier yet.

On the other hand, if you’ve already been assigned to one, the company won’t return your initial despot. While it’s true that the Sherpa doesn’t exactly have the friendliest price-range, you can save on cash by booking their services in advance.


You can choose to ship with Sherpa for long-distance shipments or local travels. They can ship a wide selection of auto transport without any hassle, such as SUVs and inoperable cars.

To cut on costs, they give out a number of discounts for snowbird routes and seniors. Not only that, but they’re lessening the price for multi-car transports and returning customers. We like how these perks strengthens the bond between company and clients.

You may choose enclosed transport for valuable vehicles, and open transport for a cheaper option. Sherpa often uses door-to-door shipping as its most used type of transportation since it’s the most convenient.

Another great factor about the company is their team makes sure your class is spotless despite the long cross-country distance. Drive your car to the nearest car wash, and the company will give you $20 for reimbursement.

Sherpa Auto Transport
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The Good
  • Domestic and international transport
  • Ships other vehicles
  • Ships both inoperable & operable vehicles
  • Clean car guarantee
Sherpa Auto Transport
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The Bad
  • Does not offer terminal-to-terminal transport
The Bottom Line

Sherpa is commendable for its transparency, and excellent customer service. It does give you other awesome advantages as well, such as their CCG (Clean Car Guarantee) and a number of other discounts.

They keep things crystal clear for their clients, one of the things that make their service sought-after by the customers is their transparency. Prices are set, which means prices are kept as is from the initial to final transaction.

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