Monday blues? Don’t worry, we gotcha. Spice up your boring office desk with these awesome novelties.

Make Mondays more interesting, flex on your officemates with your new stash of goodies! (They’re going to be SO jelly, including your boss!)

Scroll down below to check out the 28 must-have desk items to get!

Express your emotions with Emoji Faces!

Feel you’re about to rip off someone’s head because you’re tight on deadlines? Flip a page. Notify your co-workers what you’re feeling – save a head or two!

This desk sculpture stress-reliever

Taxing job getting the best out of you? Take a minute to play with this magnetic black base and its metallic balls. Blow off steam by unleashing your creative side, just like what we did in pre-school – surprisingly, it still works!

Build your very own desk zoo with these erasers

 These animal-shaped erasers are bound to pique interest in the office. You can even give to your co-worker that resembles best to one of these animals for lighthearted fun!

A useful desk organizer to keep your office knickknacks

 Prone to a messy desk? Wondering why your business cards are under your mug of coffee? We’ve all been there. This useful desk organizer keeps your phone, pens, scissors, clips, and pins organized!

Practice your boxing skills with this mini punching ball

Attach this on your desk for an immediate stress-relief. Vent all your frustrations out by releasing the beast in you – it’s a cheaper alternative to breaking office chairs.

A magnetic black sheep that reminds you of Shaun the Sheep

We know how frustrating it is to keep on replacing paperclips – they might be puny, but they hold together very important papers.

Gone are the days where you have to organize them together in a matchbox, simply stick it onto this magnetic sheep, and you’re good to go.

Mini basketball hoop that turns you into Michael Jordan

Can’t wait until you can shoot threes after shift? Shoot from your office desk! Take a breather from all those boring paperwork, and play mini basketball with your co-workers – just make sure you don’t get caught!

This pineapple that lights up

Working late at night? Light up your creativity with Sponegbob’s pineapple home! Or at least, it almost looks like his house. Its warm light delivers a tropical vibe for a calming experience.

A set of the cutest pens ever

Forget about those standard pens that almost every office co-worker has! This set of pens is composed of two adorable bunnies, two cute cats, and two silly carrots.

Portable pen drawer that you can stick anywhere

Coworkers keep on losing your pens? Figures. Organize them together with the use of this nifty pen drawer. It stays hidden under your desk, so you don’t have to worry about any pen thieves.

Triangular storage units for pens

Stick these creative compartments on the screen of your computer for convenience. It makes you look like a working professional, minus the clutter!

Cute white-out bottles that make correcting mistakes fun

No one likes mistakes. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable – these uniquely designed white-out bottles make correcting mistakes fun. Perfect for gifts or personal use.

Bear-inspired mechanical pencils

Make the best proposal letters, business presentations, and creative draft with these bear-y charming mechanical pencils.

A set of 5 vibrant highlighters

Uniquely designed highlighters that make studying fun! Whether you’re studying for an exam or preparing yourself for a business meeting, this seals the deal.

A convenient desktop planter for small spaces

We only have so much space to spare, right? One item, two purposes – a compartment is provided for your pens and clips, while the other one is for small plants.

Gigantic sticky note that makes sure you plan your week right

Always get sidetracked? This big-ass planner might help. Stick this onto your walls, desk, or cabinets. It’d be impossible for you to forget your weekly plan.

These push pin clips that allow you to hang pictures without making a hole

It’s frustrating when pins do that, right? Forget about the holes on your receipts, photos, and papers. Freely put them up and get them back good as new!

Camera-shaped USB for photographers

Love taking pictures? Show it off the world with this creative flash drive. Perfect gift to any of your photographer friends!

Cute cat-inspired bookend to keep your books in order


Who says you can’t organize your desk and make it cute at the same time? Organize your favorite books with your very own kitty bookend. Choose from three different colors!

An adjustable desk organizer that adds finesse to your desk

Keep all your knickknacks in one place with an eco-friendly desk organizer. Weighing only five pounds, it can maximize the space of your office desk while keeping it classy.

Split color ding-ding bells

Does your coworker need anything? Just tell them to ring the bell if it’s anything urgent! It makes communication within the office space more efficient and easier.

Tropical Flamingo pins

If you can’t go on vacation, what’s stopping you from taking the vacation to you? While it may not exactly be close to the real thing, it surely does work for a motivation to work harder.

Tea carton packaged erasers

Here’s a tea-riffic way of correcting your mistakes! They’re cube-shaped little erasers guaranteed to make you fall in love. It’s mildly scented, so it’s light to the nose.

This sleek multipurpose desk mat

No mouse pad? No problem! This heavy-duty mat makes a perfect solution for your desk needs. It makes a comfortable surface for resting or a nifty writing mat. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spillage.

A 6-Cube Mini Organizer For Your Desk

You can either put it on your desk as a freestanding organizer or neatly hang it on your wall – you decide. Six different compartments to help you get to tidy up your desk.

Pokémon Sticky Pads

Because you gotta work ‘em all! Remind yourself with your daily tasks using these nostalgic post-its. Surely, you’re not the only one who’s going to reminisce the Kanto region days in your office.

A puppy-shaped table lamp

Planning to work from home this evening? This adorable pup will keep your accompany. Add some cuteness to your desk with this cute table lamp.

This succulent pot for indoor plants

Working too much indoors? If you can’t go out to smell the flowers, why not grow your own indoor plant? Perfect way to give change your work environment to a soother and calmer one.