When talking about burglaries, break-ins, and home security, people would automatically think that it happened at a single-family-house. Not knowing that statistically, rented apartments are 85 percent more likely to be broken in and burgled.

So, can you install a home security system if you’re renting? Yes, under the right circumstances.

Security Options

If your apartment does not come with an adequate amount of security, you can take your own measures and create more security, even as a renter.

If your apartment has sliding windows and glass doors, make sure to use special reinforcements so at least if the glass breaks it would still take some time to enter your apartment.

Another great option is to invest in a good home security system, which can provide added security besides your standard safety measures and locks. Including a surveillance camera will help you monitor the surroundings of your apartment.

An alarm system can also help in alerting nearby neighbors and police units in case of a break-in or burglary. There are security packages that can include all security systems such as cameras, motion sensors, light sensors and many more

We all have the right to protect ourselves and our possessions, whether it is a rented home or even your own home. However, you could at least inform your landlord of the potential security measures and installation that you are going to run through your home.

Wired Versus Wireless

For rentals, a wired security system isn’t going to work for you. Eventually, you’ll have to move out of your apartment, so something portable is the best option for you.

You can find a lot of wireless packages both online and in physical stores, suited for your rented apartment. These wireless systems are mostly DIY’s, cutting down the cost even more.

Other Security Measures

While it’s true that a security system delivers a sturdy shield against burglary, it’s not the only security measure you can take.

It’s best to talk and meet your neighbors. Talk to them from time to time, it’ll build trust in the long run. Sooner or later, your neighbors will become your security allies. They’re less likely to offer a hand if they don’t know who you are.

Here are some of the meaningful upgrades you can do together with your landlord:

  • Peephole installation. You’ll be able to see who’s out there before unlocking your doors.
  • Deadbolts installation. It makes breaking-in harder for burglars
  • Window locks installation. Prevents robbers from climbing in.
  • CTV installation. Place in shares areas, such as lobbies. Stops the robbers from entering.