New home security systems now allow for wireless service as part of their monitoring packages. This is a boon to folks who have long gotten rid of landlines. However, this does bring some complications to your setup.

Service Provider Troubles

New providers can work with your home alarm systems. However, there are drawbacks to each individual services. And usually, it weakens your phone’s signal.

If it does happen to you, don’t cancel your service provider right away. Do your research first and find out what communication technologies can you use with your home alarm system.

Consult your security services to inform them about the upcoming switch, and ask them what communication technologies are compatible with their alarm system.

Once you’ve applied to your new phone services, make sure to consult with your alarm system again to make sure that everything works fine.

Due to the unending advancement of technology, companies have developed and have adapted their alarm systems to be able to work hand-in-hand with various kinds of communication technologies and services.

The most popular of them being phone lines, cellular radio, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, and the Internet.


One important factor when it comes to dealing with communication technologies in regards to alarm systems is reliability.

A traditional phone line is still one of the most reliable services for your alarm communications, but other than reliability, speed is also a factor – and that’s one area that a phone line lacks compared to other newer technologies.

Cellular and VoIP are on par with telephone lines when it comes to reliability but only if you manage their batteries well.

On the other hand, the internet offers the most flexibility and gives you the ability to innovate. However, it’s considered to be one of the most unreliable when it comes to a consistent line of communication.

If you really want the most reliable and secure alarm communication system, try and explore the possibility of combining two services.

Make the most reliable service as your primary method of communication. It can either be a phone line or VoIP and cellular radio for your secondary. If one line of communication breaks down, you have something to fall back on.

Can I Use My Cellular Phone?

It’s not necessarily that you need one, but it can be an option. Cell phones have changed the industry. It forces them to adapt and change. And it’s the same for those who are offering security systems.

In today’s age, you have the option to use your cellular phone as a means for security monitoring without dealing with the expenses of a home phone line.

Although back in the days, security services hesitated on using wireless monitoring back in the days, because it wasn’t reliable and was just meant for backup.

But lately, security companies have started to offer wireless monitoring through your cellular phone as a standalone service.