Paddleboarding is one of the most popular sports for people living near a beach. Summer is when most people get out and do their paddleboarding as a way to pass their time. But those new to the sport will often ask; what should you wear when paddleboarding? Well, there are a few things you want to consider — most importantly if it makes you comfortable to paddleboard in. 


What to Wear on Your SUP


These are the things you should be wearing, or must-have when out on your stand up paddleboard.


  • Board shorts and a rash guard:

When paddleboarding, you will need to keep safe and also wear something that will dry fast. These will keep you safe, and they also dry quickly once you are out of the water. 


  • Hat/Cap:

You will be under the sun unless you are in a creek that is well covered with trees. Therefore, it is best to protect yourself from the sun, especially your skin and eyes. A wide-brimmed hat has been recommended for people in this sport, as it will keep the rays away from your face.


  • Personal floater device: 

This is an essential addition to your outfit. Remember, you are in the water, and anything can happen with the elements. There are some cases when this is a requirement for you to enter into the water. This is a safety measure to ensure in the case of an accident, you are well protected from the water and from drowning. The kind of personal floater device or PFD you purchase is your choice. However, you should find the best one for you — ask for advice from your nearest SUP shop.


  • Water shoes: 

Some people cannot enjoy the water barefoot. They are either sensitive to the water or rocks or prefer to be in shoes instead. Water shoes are the best choice for such individuals, as these shoes are designed for the water and dry fast once out of the water.


  • Sunscreen: 

Remember that summer is usually the time that people go for paddleboarding. The summer comes with its challenges and requirements, including the use of sunscreen when outside. You may end up having a lot of fun but forgetting that the sun is burning you.


  • Yoga clothing: 

This option is well suited for those who find themselves doing yoga on their SUP boards while out in the water. They also help to block out heat from the sun so you can do yoga without any worries. 


What not to wear SUP Boarding

While there are lots of suitable clothes and items you should be wearing, there are also a few things that are not suitable.


  • Cotton Clothing: 

Cotton quickly soaks up water like a sponge and takes ages to dry out. There’s also nothing worse than wearing cold, wet clothes — even in the sun, it will still take a while to dry out. It’s best to avoid wearing cotton clothing while paddleboarding.


  • Trainers or shoes: 

There is no need to wear shoes, trainers, or sneakers on your board as most boards have a rubber grip for your feet and give a good balance and grip. If you were to fall into the water, your shoes would quickly become filled with water and be more of a hindrance while you try to swim. There are no benefits to wearing shoes when paddleboarding; it’s better to keep them away from paddleboarding activities. 


There are plenty of things to wear when paddleboarding; some are suitable for the activity, and others may not be right for it at all. It’s best to know the right outfits from the wrong outfits so that nothing slows you down in the water. When looking for suitable clothes you should wear, it’s best to consult an expert in the field if you are not sure, so that you can get sorted.