Most people use ovens to bake bacon because of its perks: you get to cook bacon at a large quantity all at the same time, lesser mess, and you can set-and-forget it as soon as you’ve set the time!

However, it takes a lot more time than frying it with an air-fryer. It isn’t ideal for quick cook-and-eat setting, especially if you want a crispy breakfast for one than cooking.

Here’s how we recommend you cook bacon in an air fryer!

Step-By-Step Guide Guide to Air Frying Bacon:

Simply put your bacon slices in one layer. Make sure to only add as much as the capacity of the fryer allows you to: Don’t let each slice of bacon overlap with one another.

  1. Turn on your air fryer. Preheat your to at least 375 degrees, and let it run for two minutes.
  2. Put the strips of meat on the frame that came with your air fryer in a single layer. This will prevent your bacon strips to sit directly on the rack’s bottom.
  3. Cook time is usually between five to eight minutes, depending on your preferred texture. Use tongs if the strips of bacon move as it cooks. They should be in one layer during this process.
  4. Retrieve your bacon strips with the use of tongs, put them on a paper towel to get rid of the extra oil.
  5. Enjoy your crispy serving of bacon!

Check out this helpful video for visual representation!

Bacon Temperature For Cooking

The ideal temperature for frying bacon varies from one manufacturer to another. Depending on the brand, its recommended temperature may differ.

Normally, 400 degrees is enough to do the trick. But it’s always best to test it out with a strip of bacon first to find out what your ideal temperature is. Feel free to customize it your preferred bacon crispiness.

How To Prevent Excess Smoking


If you follow the steps above, you won’t have a problem with excess smoking. Smoking issues only arise when you cook too many strips bacon all at the same. The grease will cause splashing, leading to excessive smoking.

Bigger air fryers can only accommodate four to six bacon strips while smaller ones can only hold two to three pieces. In other words, don’t overcrowd your bacon in the air fryer’s basket container.


Always make sure your air fryer is cleaned thoroughly after usage. If your device still has leftover grease from the last time you’ve used it, then the residue will cause smoking.

You may also pour in a little water in the air fryer’s basket to help. Or get a slice of bread and put it on the device’s lower pan to soak the extra oil up.

Proper Ventilation

Your kitchen needs to be well-ventilated. Use your exhaust fans or you may open your kitchen’s windows. Or you may just as well put it under a vent hood.