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Simple and fast VPN service. Coverage for an unlimited number of devices. Quick and easy setup with a sleek user interface.


Surfshark is a company dedicated to advancing VPN technology, while also providing the best possible customer experience to their users. They’re focused on ensuring online privacy for your entire family with intuitive, simple solutions that provide robust security. Surfshark’s ultimate goal is to allow you to browse the Internet safely and freely.

Surfshark provides VPN service for your entire family by covering an unlimited number of devices with an ever-expanding network of servers in over 50 countries around the world. Surfshark VPN offers fast speeds and safe surfing, allowing you to access unrestricted online content from anywhere, at any time.

Surfshark VPN is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV.

Key Features

Surfshark VPN has some great features that ensure secure web browsing and protection from online spies. The following are some of our favorite features of the Surfshark VPN service.

Lightning-Fast Streaming: Surfshark offers the best in streaming speeds to match your current Internet provider. You won’t experience a change in your web browsing activity because Surfshark’s technologists work hard to implement the most recent advances in security technology to ensure it’s always as fast as possible.

Unlimited Access with CleanWeb:

Surfshark VPN gives you the cleanest surfing experience possible by refusing to use any type of online activity trackers. You’ll also be protected from malware and annoying online ads, giving you the purest and most private web browsing experience available. With Surfshark VPN, you’ll get enhanced browsing time and the peace of mind you deserve when using the Internet.
Auto Disconnect: Surfshark VPN offers a safety net if your Internet connection is ever compromised from an unrecognized source. You can rest assured that your personal data and sensitive online activities are safe and never exposed. If Surfshark VPN detects a security concern, it automatically disconnects you from the Internet until the threat is neutralized.

Multiple VPN Access: While other VPN providers secure your connection to the Internet through one VPN access point, Surfshark uses a multiple-VPN approach. This ensures that your identity is hidden behind multiple VPN access points, providing additional security. In the event your connection is compromised, you’ve already hopped to the next VPN connection point, giving you extra time to neutralize the threat and keep you protected.

Pricing Plans

Surfshark offers a variety of pricing options and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to help you decide if it’s the right secure surfing service for your needs.

1 Month Plan: Connect unlimited devices for $11.95 per month ($143.40 for 12 months).

1 Year Plan: Connect unlimited devices for $5.99 per month ($71.88 for 12 months).

2 Year Plan: Connect unlimited devices for $3.49 per month ($83.76 for 24 months).

SurfShark VPN
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The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put Surfshark VPN through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your own time. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Surfshark VPN benefits…

Unrestricted Content

What we really like about Surfshark VPN is the ability to stream and download everything your Internet provider has to offer. From Netflix and Hulu to Facebook and YouTube, you won’t find anything that Surfshark VPN blocks. You can still watch all of your favorite shows and sporting events or listen to music, all while staying anonymous and secure during your surfing sessions.

Quality Support

Surfshark VPN offers 24/7 support in the most convenient ways possible. If you can’t find what you need in the online help center, you can use the live chat feature on their website to reach an expert at any time, or fill out the email form with a more detailed description of your problem, and someone will be there to help you within minutes.

IP Masking

Surfshark VPN doesn’t just protect your identity while you’re browsing, it also protects your location by masking your IP address. This makes it impossible for someone to link your IP address to your location or your online activity. This keeps you safe and allows you to avoid blackout restrictions on local television events.

Simple and Sleek

Surfshark VPN combines their robust features and advanced technology with a user interface that’s super-simple to use, even if they’re your first experience with a virtual private network service. If you know how to turn on wi-fi, you can quickly and easily set up and operate Surfshark’s VPN tools to keep you and your family safe while online.

SurfShark VPN
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The Bad

Some VPN providers offer a free trial, allowing you to try it out before you buy it. Surfshark doesn’t. This isn’t our favorite thing, but if you’re one to try things before you buy them, rest assured that they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You have to foot the bill up front, but you can get reimbursed if you decide it won’t work for you, which is almost as good.

A few people seemed bothered by the fact that Surfshark is not as well-known as some other VPN providers. If a big brand name gives you the warm fuzzies, Surfshark VPN might not be the best choice for you. Just keep in mind that Surfshark VPN was willing to submit their software to a full audit to prove their worth, and they passed with flying colors.

The Bottom Line

Surfshark offers a wide range of features, including unlimited device coverage, unrestricted browsing, and fast speeds. While they don’t offer a free trial and aren’t as popular or well-known as others, they more than make up for that in usability, customer support, and confidence in their abilities.

Surfshark VPN impressed us with their robust internal operations and dedication to the latest advancements in cybersecurity technology. This VPN service keeps you and your family safe from hackers, while also making it easy to access a truly open and uncensored Internet experience.

Try Surfshark VPN risk-free for 30 days and get the private, secure web browsing you want!

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