Are you having a hard time managing your websites? Don’t have the budget to hire a system administrator for your online stores or blogs?

You’ve probably tried to do a DIY method to manage your website and found out that it’s going to be a tedious task.

Managed WordPress hosting can help you do all the technical aspects of your website, including performance, security, and other factors.

Who needs Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you’ve just started your own online blog and don’t have much traffic on your website, then you don’t need Managed WordPress hosting. You can use regular WordPress hosts like Liquid Web, Bluehost, SiteGround, WP Engine, and DreamHost, which you can take advantage of as these options are a lot more affordable. However, if you’re the owner of a small online store with a high-traffic website and don’t have much knowledge about web hosting, then it’s highly recommended to get Managed WP hosting.

Managed WP Hosting is specifically designed to handle websites made from WordPress. It offers different web services like security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability. Here are the advantages that you should consider before using Managed WordPress Hosting for your websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting Advantages

  • Automatically manage new updates – Managed WordPress hosting offers different plans that can suit your website. One example is installing automatic updates to your WordPress website. It updates the application and needed plugins that keep your site up-to-date — it includes the security, performance, and compatibility of your site. In the event that an issue has been detected on your website, it can be automatically rolled back and restore it to a functioning condition.
  • Automatic and Manual Backups – You don’t have to worry about the backup procedure that you need to do for your website as Managed WordPress Hosting will cover this task for you. It will automatically conduct a regular backup and create restore points which will be greatly beneficial to any website owner if things go south.
  • Excellent WordPress Support – Once you enrolled your website to a Managed WordPress hosting, you are backed by different WordPress experts that can give assistance when needed. They also give advice about different plugins and how they will affect the performance of your site.
  • Instant WordPress Setup – You can enjoy the quick WordPress setup that allows you to create a running WordPress site in just a few seconds. It automatically creates the necessary database connections for your site. Just fill in a short form with the needed details and you’re all done.
  • Staging EnvironmentsOne feature that comes with a Managed WordPress Hosting is the staging environments in which the developers and site managers can take advantage. A staging environment is a duplicate of your existing site where you can test new plugins, themes, or even try your new codes before applying it to your live site.
  • Flexible and Tuned Dashboards –  Some dashboards from regular hosting aren’t usually user-friendly and may not be applicable to WordPress. On the other hand, Managed WordPress hosting dashboards are very useful to any site powered by WordPress and can provide individual statistics on visitors and usage. It can also show any out-of-date plugins and monitor the version of WordPress that your site is currently using.
  • Caching plugin – Having a server-level caching on your server, can easily bypass the WordPress application and run through the cached page, which gives a better performance optimization. With a better caching plugin for website owners and hosts, a website will run faster and require lesser sources from the server.
  • Website Security Even though web security has already been mentioned in the prior advantages, there are specific policies that focus on the security of your website. WordPress hosts are always conducting security measures to ensure that all data in and out of your site are safe.

Even though Managed WP hosting sounds amazing, keep in mind that it’s not for everybody. The bottom line is, it will depend on you whether you want to use Managed WordPress or others, as it’s more expensive than standard web hosting

Keep in mind that you need to find the right provider and a compatible plan that is suitable for you and your site.