Are you in the market for home security systems without the monthly fees? It might be best to consider learning what they do and the basic features they have. In this way, you can make an informed decision about which one is more suited for your needs and your home. Here, we discuss the most common security system features available in 2020, as well as the best home security systems with no monthly fees. 

Wireless: everything is shifting from a wired to a wireless connection these days. This is a great addition to any home security system, as it allows you to monitor your home without any clutter. If you value streamlined simplicity, wireless systems are the way to go. They offer easy setup, with no drilling or wires to hide. They also typically use a secure cellular connection to communicate with the monitoring station. 

Mobile Alerts: just because you don’t pay ongoing fees doesn’t mean you can’t have nifty features. Real-time Mobile Alerts can be sent to your smartphone when a security breach is detected. You can then open the app to see what may have triggered the reaction, and then take the necessary action to call the police if needed. In short, mobile alerts let you monitor your home on-the-go.

Control Panel: technology is always evolving, as these wall-mounted devices now come with a modern touch-screen. This allows you to control your home security and automation with a simple swipe or tap of a finger. Of course, your system’s mobile app lets you access the same features while you’re out and about. 

Motion Detectors: it’s best to mount these devices strategically around your home for more robust home security. Powered by infrared sensing, motion detectors sound the alarm and send alerts when movement is detected in your home. Some detectors can even distinguish between people and pets to reduce false alarms and others even boast facial recognition features. 

Entry Sensors: to add another layer of protection, you can secure your windows, doors, garage, and other entry points with Entry Sensors. When the system is activated and the magnets separate, the alarm will sound signaling a potential security breach. The best no-monthly fee home security systems come with plenty of entry sensors, but you can always purchase more if needed.

Top 5 Home Security Systems With No Monthly Fees 2020

If you want the peace of mind that comes with having a home security system but don’t want to commit to paying monthly monitoring fees, there are plenty of options on the market that offer high-quality equipment and equipment packages without a contract and many without monthly fees. Here are the top five home security systems without monthly fees in 2020.

  1. SimpliSafe: Best Overall 

SimpliSafe is commonly known for its versatile, high-quality and durable home security equipment that they manufacture themselves. And because they don’t have any contract requirements, they are a great option for those looking to cut back on monthly expenses. 

They offer less traditional, simplified security systems with a focus on monitoring. This system is perfect for those on a budget and for individuals who rent because of its portability and affordability. Their packages range from $229-$499 and have a three-year warranty, while their monitoring packages range from $14.99-$24.99 per month and they offer a no-cost, self-monitoring option as well.

SimpliSafe equipment sets vary in functionality, but the basic set includes a base station, entry and motion sensors, wireless keypad, and a keychain remote. You can even customize a package with any equipment you like or add on to an existing package. Additionally, any of their equipment will work whether you add a monitoring plan or not. To install this system involves a simple plug-in to the base and then just place the sensors around your home. Then all you do is adjust the settings and it’s ready to go.

The SimpliSafe package also includes a battery backup with their equipment so you’ll be covered in the event of a power outage. Plus, their equipment is portable, so you can easily take it with you when it’s time to move. You will also enjoy a wide range of environmental protection such as smoke, carbon monoxide, freeze, and water leak sensors.

  1. Abode

Abode offers home and security automation equipment without any long-term contracts or monthly fees. They have a one-time charge for equipment purchase expense, and their systems are DIY, wireless and easy to install. They also have professional monitoring (optional) available as well, along with a 30-day return policy, free shipping, and a one-year equipment warranty.

The available equipment will vary depending on the bundle you choose; however, they all come with 1-gateway, 1-motion sensor, 1-mini door contact, 1-keyfob, and a window sticker. And, you get three days of timeline and media storage, unlimited user accounts, and they are capable of connecting up to 155 devices and up to 100 automations.

Abode sells its equipment in bundles that range in price from $279-$639; however, check for their current sales and you will probably find them somewhat cheaper. You can also expand and customize your Abode system to better suit your particular needs and lifestyle. There’s also the option of choosing from a self-monitoring plan or a variety of professional monitoring plans with a 3G cellular backup that ranges from an on-demand option to a recurring monthly monitoring option that ranges from $8-$30 per month.

  1. Ring

After being recently acquired by Amazon, Ring currently offers doorbell cameras, exterior lighting cameras, and plenty of accessories that complement their equipment. Ring doesn’t offer equipment packages; however, you can choose from a variety of doorbell and exterior lighting security cameras that range from $99.99-$499.00 and they have plenty of accompanying accessories. Ring offers accessories such as solar panels, ring chimes, quick release battery packs, and more.

Additionally, Ring also has two monthly video recording packages that range in price from $3-$10 per month. If not, you can opt to pay for them annually for $30-$100 respectively. Another great feature is that Ring doesn’t have any contract requirements other than the recording options mentioned above. You might also be able to receive some exclusive discounts and an extended warranty if you opt for one of their upper tier packages and they will also replace your equipment for free if it’s ever stolen. On the downside, Ring doesn’t offer any home automation products of any kind, at least for now.

  1. Arlo

Arlo is a home security camera system that offers 100% wireless installation and doesn’t need professional help, so you can DIY. Their systems come with indoor and outdoor cameras that have night vision and security light. The only drawback is that there are no other security options available. But if you only want video surveillance cameras, then this might be the perfect solution for you because you won’t be paying for any extra equipment you don’t want. 

Arlo offers three subscription recording plans. 

The Basic Plan comes with 7-days of cloud recordings, recordings for up to 5-cameras, and limited support for three months. The Basic plan is free of charge and comes with all their equipment packages so there’s only a one-time up-front equipment cost. 

Their upper-tier packages will have an equipment cost plus the cost of whichever recording package you choose. The Arlo recording subscriptions range from free (the Basic plan) to $149 per year with no contract requirement. And while Arlo doesn’t have any additional security equipment available, they do have a full line of complementary accessories from which you can choose from, as well as an available Baby Camera option.

  1. Nest

Google is the parent company of Nest, offering 100% DIY wireless equipment, with the exception of Guard hub — this needs to be placed on a flat surface by the door that you use most often. Nest has also partnered with the lock-maker Yale to create a smart lock that can be used with the Nest Secure system. So when you unlock your door, the security system is automatically disarmed.

The Nest system connects via Wi-Fi and can be controlled using the provided app. You simply place Nest Detects throughout your home and the alarm will be triggered along with a siren sounded if someone enters your home and doesn’t disarm your alarm system. You could also use Nest Tags to tap the Guard to disable your system as well. With Nest, you buy the basic package and add on the equipment you want and need. Most people find the Nest Secure equipment easy to install. Nest also provides a step-by-step guide on their app to help with the install. Additionally, paring the equipment is easy and the system is user-friendly as well.

The Nest Secure starter package is $399 and you can add on as many features as you like for an added cost per item. And Nest’s monitoring plans start at $10 per month for a limited basic plan. The main drawback of using Nest is that you have to sort through their equipment to determine what you need, then price everything individually, which can be difficult if you’re fairly new to the home security/automation scene. However, Nest does provide top-quality equipment with plenty of room to add on and expand your system.

Why Buy a Security System?

After reading about all the potential security systems that you can use for your home, you must still be wondering why you should buy these brands in particular. While not all security systems were created equal, some have finer qualities than others. Every system mentioned above has these excellent advantages: 

Affordable: there’s no doubt that everyone wants to feel safe in their home, but not everyone can afford a monthly cost and others don’t want a long-term commitment. That’s why self-monitoring home security systems are exploding in popularity among homeowners and renters alike. These no-monthly-fee plans offer plenty of home protection, but at a surprisingly affordable price. Just watch out for the extra add-ons and upgrades that can ring up quite the tab.

Expandable: expandable home security and home automation allow you to expand, customize, modify and repeat, giving you the option to build a system to suit your needs. The money you save by not shelling out for monthly fees can instead be used to purchase new equipment. Security cameras, smart lighting, electronic door locks, you name it. Just be sure your system supports third-party equipment, as some require their own proprietary products.

Ownership: these systems help you to steer clear of long-term contracts and monthly monitoring fees. Instead, go with a no-contract security system: you pay an upfront equipment cost, but you’ll have outright ownership of your system. By owning your own equipment, you can do whatever you please with it, and even take it with you when you move. Break free of the perpetual cycle of contract signing with system ownership.

DIY: getting DIY home security systems makes everything so much simpler and cheaper. There’s no need for blood, sweat, and tears, these systems are a piece of cake, both to install and to use. Thankfully, most do-it-yourself home security systems don’t require a monthly fee. Instead, it comes with a one-and-done upfront cost, and then you self-monitor from there. DIY systems don’t require drilling into walls, splicing circuitry, and all that nonsense. Get up and running with plug-and-play ease with DIY.

In the end, these five choices are some of the best options available in the market right now, and are unbeatable in many aspects; price, ease of use, installation, equipment, and features. And for the equipment fees that they charge, these security systems provide your home the protection it needs and so much more, giving us excellent value for money. 

Whether you choose SimpliSafe, Abode, Ring, Arlo or Nest, you’ll get yourself a fantastic home security system. You’ll be able to reap all the benefits of having such versatile products: letting you connect wirelessly, get real-time alerts, choose the equipment you need, and own the equipment without any monthly fees. So what are you waiting for, there’s no better time to get your home the security system it deserves — without the annoying monthly fees!