The average emergency vet bill can cost at least $500, and unexpected life-saving surgery can cost up to $10,000. To avoid having to spend such vast amounts of money, it is best to get Pet Insurance — a smart way to take care of our pets and their health. Pet Insurance plans work the way ours does, offering various deductibles, coverages, and premiums. Rather than risking a massive bill at the end of an operation, Pet Insurance keeps our beloved pets covered in the event of illness or accidents. Here, we’ve covered the critical question of “how much Pet Insurance costs per month on average?” We’ve highlighted some of our most trusted and favorite pet insurance providers, to give you an idea of the costs, as well as to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.   


Pets Best Insurance Services

Founded in 2005, Pets Best Insurance Services was started by the veterinarian that first introduced Americans to pet insurance back in 1981. Based in Idaho with a team of pet lovers and veterinary professionals, Pets Best is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company (APIC.) The company makes it their mission to revolutionize the pet insurance industry for the better and to help pet owners from the whole country to get access to affordable life-saving vet care for their furry family members. 


Pets Best offers some of the most flexible pricing options in the market, setting them apart from the top pet insurance companies, with their monthly premiums starting at just $16 for cats and $30 for dogs. They also offer all-inclusive pet insurance plans that provide extra coverage — however, these are on the higher end at around $70 a month. If all you’re looking for is an accident-only plan for your pet, their monthly premium can go as low as $10.  


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation entered the industry in 2009 when the director of a no-kill animal shelter and an insurance company executive decided to blend their two passions. The result of their union was a pet insurance company that takes pride in donating a portion of their proceeds to homeless animals. Based in Washington, Healthy Paws is underwritten by the Chubb Group, a well-recognized and highly-rated insurer located in New Jersey. 


So if you’re looking for comprehensive and concise coverage for your four-legged friends, Healthy Paws may be the perfect fit for you. With this option, your pets will get the health insurance they need, and you can pay as little as 10% of the bill, depending on the coverage you choose. With no annual, lifetime caps or per incident on pet insurance payouts, there’s no way you can go wrong with Healthy Paws. Plus, their monthly premium rates start at just $15 for cats and $20 for dogs, so what are you waiting for? 



Initially founded in the UK as Petplan back in the late 1970s and has since been launched in America as Petplan Pet Insurance in 2003, the company has operated in Philadelphia and is underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company. Petplan is dedicated to putting pets first and to making sure that they live longer and healthier lives than expected. Petplan offers competitive pet insurance rates and also provides discounts of up to 10% for military and veterinary personnel, along with members of the AARP, the Best Friends Animal Society and the National Police Dog Foundation. With monthly premiums starting at just $16 for both cats and dogs, Petplan is unlike any other pet insurer you’ll encounter, and they also offer an exclusive “No Claims Credit” discount for policyholders that go without filing a claim in 12 months.


Through these three excellent pet insurance companies, we can get a sense of how much pet insurance can cost every month, giving us an in-depth choice in the kind of company we want to be taking care of our pets when they need us the most. And while not everyone has the spare cash to spend on their pets, these companies provide us with trusted services that are also affordable so that you can provide for your beloved pet’s health and long-term needs. Be sure to read our best pet insurance buyers guide for more information on pet insurance.