Many seniors feel that independence is an integral part of their lives. With a medical alert system, they may be able to get that independence. Many seniors nationwide use medical alert systems as a great way to keep themselves safe, even in situations where they are alone. Medicare itself doesn’t cover these devices, but there are ways that you can get a covered medical alert system.  


What Are Medical Alert Systems?


Some seniors live alone, which is an arrangement that allows for a sense of independence, but it can also cause some worry in the event of a potential fall. It would be a significant cause of concern for loved ones if an elderly family were to fall and not be able to get up and call for help. Thankfully, medical alert exists—these medical alert bracelets or necklace pendants come with a large button on them. Once you press the button, the medical alert system uses your telephone to call emergency services.


Some medical alert systems can automatically sense a fall. This feature is useful if the fall renders you unconscious and you are unable to press the button on the pendant or bracelet physically.

Do I Need A Medical Alert System?


There are several reasons why an individual will want to get a medical alert system. For example, if you need a sense of protection, you might want to consider getting one of these alert systems. A fall could happen for many different reasons, such as medications, physical weakness, poor vision, or other health problems or illnesses. 


Living alone is one of the most important reasons to get a medical alert system. In the event of a fall where you can’t get up, you will want to ensure that you will be able to get help on time. Without a medical alarm system, you might be leaving yourself in a potentially dangerous situation by yourself. 


Does Medicare Cover Medical Alert Systems?


While some parts of Medicare can typically cover medical equipment, Medicare does not cover medical alert systems. This can be disappointing, especially when it is such a great product with so many benefits. However, there can be a couple of ways you can get coverage for these useful devices. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you receive all of the Original Medicare benefits through a private insurance plan. These plans may completely cover or provide a medical alert system if it is needed for your health. If this is the case, you might have one of the conditions previously mentioned, such as weakness or poor vision. 


Additionally, there are some instances where you might get a discount on medical alert systems through your Medicare Supplement plan. This plan comes highly recommended because it provides additional benefits besides discounts. All of the benefits you can get with a Medicare Supplement plan ensure you get complete coverage and full treatment for all your medical conditions.