There’s a lot of things that you need to consider when you’re buying a new house. However, one of the things that many people don’t realize is that they may need a warranty for their new home. Some may not even know what home warranty new house actually means and what it can do for you.

However, there are a number of things that people should know about home warranty coverage for a new house, as well as what kind of benefits it might actually have. With that in mind, what are the actual benefits and drawbacks of a home warranty, and how does it compare to home insurance?

What Is a Home Warranty?

It should be noted that a home warranty isn’t the same thing as home insurance. While they’re not the same, there may be some slight commonalities with them, even if they’re minor. Home insurance covers any unforeseen damage to your home itself due to criminal activity or natural disasters.

What a home warranty in a new house actually covers is your major appliances and systems as they get older. This is why many people should consider getting a home warranty when they first buy a house, as they’ll be protected from anything happening right from the get-go.

Why You Should Get a Home Warranty

There a few major benefits to getting a home warranty for your new house, some of which we’ve already talked about above. The biggest of these is homeowners having some peace of mind when buying a new house. After all, nobody wants to have to pay an arm and a leg in order to either repair or replace their major appliances.

With a home warranty, you’ll be able to get your home appliances, and any other major systems, repaired with no questions asked. Because of that, not only is there the benefit of getting these appliances fixed, but there’s always the peace of mind of knowing that everything is covered.

On top of this, a home warranty can be a great move for anyone who’s looking to budget out well in advance. With a home warranty, you’ll have fewer unexpected costs in the long term. On top of that, you’ll know what your premiums are going to be every month, as well as whatever deductibles you’ll be charged for any kind of repairs. Because of that, it can be a great long-term financial decision.

Drawbacks of a Home Warranty

Having said all of that, there are some potential drawbacks to a home warranty. The most obvious is that everything won’t be covered in the policy. However, the likes of what are and aren’t excluded may be specific to your own policy and policy provider. Because of that, you should always look over what will be covered if you’re looking at getting a home warranty.

There’s also a clause in many home warranties that states that anything that hasn’t been “properly maintained” won’t be covered by the policy. Having said that, though, it can be very vague as to what that actually means. Because of that, it can often end up leading to disputes between the homeowner and the warranty company.

Lastly is the fact that premiums are paid up front under the assumption that repairs will be needed over the course of the year. However, if no repairs are needed then it can sometimes feel like a waste of money. This is one of the primary reasons that some people decide to opt out of getting this kind of policy.

The New House Home Warranty Bottom Line

However, a home warranty may end up being a great solution to many of your worries about maintaining your house and all of your appliances. Having said that, it’s not a perfect safety net. At the end of the day, the decision is down to you and can end up being a somewhat personal choice.

Once you’ve done your research by looking at home warranty reviews, you should be able to come to an informed decision about whether or not you should get one. Speaking of research, if you’re looking to buy a home or anything else then why not use to make sure you’re informed and making the right decision before you buy?