Passwords are a way of life. From banking to shopping to your favorite online forum, passwords are used to identify who you are and protect your information. But the very benefits you gain in customer loyalty programs, ease of shopping, online banking, and many other services can lead to your identity being stolen or worse.

Due to security concerns, password requirements are more complex than ever. Unfortunately, users tend to use the least complex password they can make and then reuse that password across many websites.

The Dangers of Bad Password Management

Users get in trouble making a habit of using simple passwords. Compound this with using them across several websites and it makes you an easy target for hackers to compromise your online identity. The danger you put yourself in is that when one online system is compromised, the damage is already done.

Hackers use those compromised usernames and passwords across many other websites. Users who reuse passwords now run the risk of their accounts being compromised. You can eliminate this online risk by using different passwords for each account and making those passwords as complex as possible.

Fixing the Password Problem

You can resolve the problem of weak passwords by using a password manager across your computers, tablets, and smartphones. There are several password managers to choose from that are easy to use and can quickly be installed on all of your devices.

Using an iPhone password manager or an Android password manager is particularly important. That’s because your smartphone is always with you and can easily be lost or stolen. Once your mobile device is in someone else’s hands, all of your login information is also available to them. Unless you have a secure password management app installed, of course.

Passwords managers take the complexity out of your password problems. They secure your passwords using the highest industry encryption standards and can also help you generate complex passwords.

Some password managers even fill out the login screen for you so that you don’t type in the complex password wrong. The benefit of this type of password management is that you now only have to remember one “master password” to log into your password manager, leaving all the other passwords safely stored in your passcode vault.

The Bottom Line

The one item that is with you almost everywhere you go is your smartphone. That makes using an Android password manager or an iPhone password manager a smart choice for protecting all of your most private and important information.

There are several good password managers to choose from for your smartphone. Select one that has excellent user reviews and that uses the highest available level of data encryption. Taking the time to use a password manager on your smartphone will keep your accounts from being hacked and your online identity secure!